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Carnival is about community and renewal, and it’s no surprise that so many cities opt to celebrate Carnival in an extravagant way. The floats offer artists a unique outlet to broadcast their artistic flair and their interpretation of current events. They are bold, creative manifestations inspired by regional pride which capture the essence of the season with joy and decadence.  

Just like most traditions that have evolved over the years, Carnival always finds a way to stay relevant and is always ready with a new bag of tricks for those willing to play along. 

Today, there is a Carnival parade somewhere in the world every day during February. And because there are so many to choose from, you have the benefit of experiencing so many different spectacles across the world. So, whether you want to join in on the action or just sit back and enjoy the show, there’s a Carnival for you! 


Rio, Brazil 

The most eye-catching Carnival parade floats can be found down in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro.  You’ll likely find yourself in a colorful, party-filled spectacle of feathers, flowers, and happiness. 



Venice, Italy 

Carnival in Venice is a spectacle of riotous color and rich history, with the whole city transformed into a place of light, color, music and dancing. Carnevale di Venezia is an event that you will never forget. 



Cádiz, Spain 

Carnival is a great time to visit Spain. If you happen to be in Cadiz during Carnival, pack your tipo (fancy costume) and get ready to enjoy four days of parades and music, which only end after noon on Ash Wednesday. This is truly a unique cultural experience full of life and celebration. 



Binche, Belgium 

Binche Carnival is the perfect excuse to explore Belgium, a country rich in quirky festivities, delicious food, and art. It’s a fun, festive atmosphere that invites the whole family to join in on the fun. Plus, it’s an interesting and quirky celebration that any traveler can appreciate. If you want, you can even dress up with them! 



Oruro Carnival, Bolivia 

Every year, thousands of people travel to Oruro, Bolivia to experience this incredible spectacle. It is an annual remembrance of the death of San Juan, who was a Catholic Saint. This carnival is known all over the world and it blends ritual dances, street parades and folklore display. You will definitely want to see this amazing folkloric spectacle for yourself! 



Belize City, Belize 

Over the years, Carnival has become a major tourist attraction for Belize and for good reason. It is one of the country’s most popular indigenous festivals and provides an opportunity for visitors to experience a little bit of everything Belizean. From the colorful costumes to the tasty cuisine, there are many reasons why you should consider attending this year! 


Ready to go out and experience Carnival like never before? Speak with a Yampu travel expert to craft your custom itinerary for the trip of a lifetime. 

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