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Summer Travel: 5 Family-Friendly Destinations To Visit This Year


Now is the time to start thinking about your next summer getaway! Whether you’re looking for simple beach lounging or embarking on daily adventures in the great outdoors, our expert Tour Consultants know just the place to enjoy your hard-earned vacation time.

Not quite decided on where to make your summer trip this year? We have just the suggestions for you!


Tanzania beach


  1. Tanzania and Rwanda – With its gorgeous beaches, various landscapes, and unique culture, Tanzania is always a top choice for summer vacations. Enjoy the wildlife of Eastern Africa’s open plains as you visit some of the more popular destinations including the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti in Tanzania. Plus don’t forget to add on Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda to complete your family adventure.




  1. Galapagos and Peru – For the adventurous traveler, the Galapagos and Peru offer a wide range of activities from encountering all manner of endemic wildlife in the Galapagos to trekking the wonderous landscaping of Macchu Picchu. You can also explore the country’s colonial and pre-colonial architecture and bustling markets.
  1. Denmark and Norway – With their ancient histories, stunning architecture, and beautiful sceneries, Denmark and Norway are popular destinations for summer vacations. Savor each country’s distinct flavors and engage in the region’s colorful history.
Armenia landscaping

  1. Georgia and Armenia – A hidden gem in the South Caucus region, Georgia and Armenia offer a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Traverse some of the most unique landscapes in the Caucasus and take in the diverse history through the region’s prestigious monasteries, ancient ruins, and historic wineries.
Ready to book your summer travels and plan the adventure of a lifetime? Give us a call and our experts will work with you to create memorable experiences that the whole family is destined to love!

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