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Yampu travelers share their cherished family vacation memories with Yampu Tours.

Traveling with the family, whether it be immediate or extended, is one of the best ways to bond with those you care about while creating lifelong memories. Our experts asked some of our Yampu Families what their most memorable experiences were while on a family vacation with their loved ones.

From shark cage diving with the kids in South Africa to fishing for Piranha in the Amazon rainforest with grandma, these families love to experience more!


BEST TRIP of her LIFE!!!!

That pretty much sums up my mom’s 70th birthday surprise trip.  Yampu tours executed a perfectly organized vacation.  It was a journey that included Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Cusco and, just when we thought it couldn’t get better, the AMAZON RAINFOREST!!!  So many highlights-historic sites, beautiful weather, the MOST knowledgeable and helpful guides, picture-perfect scenery, tasty Pisco sours, using a machete to crack open a Brazil nut, and colorful wildlife.

My mom and kids most memorable moment-a fishing trip in the rainforest to catch piraña! She had never fished in her life yet caught the first of many on this beautiful day.  How could this trip get any better?!!  Instead of a vacation with my Dad to the Caribbean as she expected, her grandkids, both her sons and their wives surprised her at the airport with this unexpected trip to PERU!

Thanks, Yampu tours for giving my Mom the best birthday ever!

The Richman Family

Yampu Tours is THE reason we had a flawless trip

Every year my mom and I take eight weeks, pick a new continent and go! This year was South America. Yampu Tours is THE reason we had a flawless trip. Not easy to coordinate driving over borders in South America countries. The tours set up ranged from private whitewater rafting in Peru to horseback riding in Patagonia. Our trip spanned four countries; Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. I felt like we were able to experience everything each country had to offer. We had a million questions and response time was measured in minutes not days from Stephanie.

Thank you, Yampu! Thank you, Stephanie!!

Stefanie Shaw


Our hearts were full!

Our lives are busy! Basketball practices, soccer practices, school and sports banquets and of course, there are our commitments with work. Although we cherish our times together daily, we look towards our annual family vacation time to regroup, reconnect, and experience new sites, sounds, and tastes of our wonderful world. Interestingly, my wife and I considered a trip to iconic Machu Picchu as our honeymoon trip in 1999. However, as we were both young in our professional careers, we felt the logistics of that type of trip made our dream honeymoon not possible at the time. We decided that one day, we would set foot on that mountain top in Peru.

Fast forward to 2017, our dream came true. However, this time, it was not simply a trip for my wife and me. We could not have imagined, back in 1999, that in 2017 we would be viewing the landscape atop of Machu Picchu with our three children! It was breathtaking, and our hearts were full! The cool breeze, the serenity of the valley below, and the inspiring history of those who built the city in the sky…remarkable. If you have never seen it in person, it is, well, almost beyond words. We are so thankful to have experienced this with our children- memories we know they will cherish a lifetime. Thank you, Yampu Tours, for making our dream vacation a wonderful reality.

Hector and Lisa Chapa


Traveling with family is the best! 

The experiences you share while learning about different cultures combined with the adventures of exploring new terrain really make the bond between family members special.

We started traveling with our children when the youngest was 5.  It wasn’t always easy, but always worth it.  I believe family experiences are the best gift ever.   Material things will come and go, but the memories we have built will last forever.

In this picture, we had just hike 7 miles to the “Hanging Glacier” outside of Santiago Chile.  The dog was a stray that joined us and stayed with us the entire 14 miles.  We all had a great day and really wanted to take the dog home with us. Just one of the many wonderful memories of our South America trip together.

Patty Jansen


I have been extremely blessed

I have been extremely blessed to be able to show the world to my two girls from the time they were born. From birthdays spent at Machu Picchu, to planting mango trees in Cambodia in lieu of Thanksgiving, I was always particular about choosing destinations that will leave us with more than just pretty beaches. One of my favorite trips was when my husband and I took my daughter Gabi on a journey across the Uyuni Salt flats, from Bolivia into Chile. An epic road trip of colorful lagoons, massive rock formations, sand dune surfing, and plenty of llama chasing. I smile every time I think about that trip.

Karolina Guilcapi

A trip that we will never forget

It was always on our family’s bucket list to visit South Africa. With our three children quickly approaching teenage years, we wanted to be sure to take full advantage of life before cell phones and all of the other demands that go along with being a teenager these days and get off the grid! We enjoyed two relaxing weeks in Cape Town, an exciting three-day Safari immersed in wildlife, a breathtaking helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, and we even convinced our three kids to get in the water with us to swim with Great White Sharks! Thank you to Yampu for Helping us to plan a trip that we will never forget

Jeff & Andrea


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