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Push your Limits with These Adventure Tours around the World

Even if you find yourself apprehensive at times, we all have a secret adventure nut that’s buried deep within us. This may not mean bungee jumping off a bridge over the Amazon, but could purely be the urge to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Your inner adventure junkie could be searching for that zip-line ride through the rainforest of Costa Rica, or the chance to stand next to an elephant that’s towering over you in Thailand. By giving into that urge for adrenaline, you may find that you’re not only on the trip of a lifetime, but taking that step out of your comfort zone wasn’t all that bad after all! Take a peak at these top tours around the world that could change your perspective on adventure forever.


The Most Adventurous Tour in South America

Test your limits through the treasures of Peru. After a day of acclimating and touring Cuzco, immediately jump into the fun with a sunset horseback ride through the Sacsahuaman Ruins. Explore the fortress of Incan stonework and feel the wind through your hair as you gallop into the evening. The following morning you will depart for the Urubamba River. After a thorough lesson in safety, equipment, and the activity itself, you’ll jump into a two hour white water rafting tour through exciting rapids. With varying classes of rapids, you can conquer the trek that best fits your abilities, and enjoy the fantastic views of big eucalyptus trees, beautiful flowers, cacti, and Inca ruins. After an evening of rest and relaxation, you will transfer to Chincheros for an exhilarating bike tour. Pedal past the Huaypo lagoon, and the archaeological site of Moray. With a final push put the mesmerizing salt mines of Salineras, your tour will end in Urubamba, where you can ease those muscles with a Pisco Sour (the famous Peruvian cocktail!). Your last, but definitely not least exciting excursion will be through the memorable Sacred Valley. Take a train through the Sacred Valley of the Incas up to the town of Aguas Calientes. After boarding a bus, you’ll watch as the citadel of Machu Picchu appears right before your eyes. Your first day, you’ll have a guided tour of the Lost City of the Incas, learning about the ceremonial and agricultural sites. The following day, wake up for a hike through the ruins up to Inti Punku or the Sungate for an unforgettable view as you watch the sunrise. Transferring to Lima for your last day, you can take a city tour by bike, and reflect on how much you did while testing yourself on the most adventurous tour in South America!


Zip, Sway and Jump through Panama and Costa Rica

Begin your journey in Panama at the Soberania National Park and the world-famous Pipeline Road. This short hike is ideal for ecologists and birdwatchers, as this was the site of the 1985 world record Panama Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count (385 species of birds were identified in 24 hours!). From here you will head to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort to embark on the aerial tram. The tram takes you from the shadowy rainforest floor through the understory and into the sun-drenched canopy. The next morning, take a partial transit on the renowned Panama Canal. Travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and admire the Bay of Panama and Panama City’s splendorous skyline, while later passing under the Bridge of the Americas. Then it’s off to the colors of Costa Rica. Begin your tour of this beautiful nation with a visit to the Poas Volcano; one of the four active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Melt into the views of the crystal-blues sulfur ponds, and steaming volcanic vents. Visit the Laz Paz Waterfall Garden, and explore the rainforest while you visit the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the bird house, the butterfly garden, and the frog’s exhibit. The next morning, wake up and head to the Hanging Bridges of Arenal. Located within the corridor followed by birds migrating between North and South America, you’ll never be closer to some of the bird and vegetation species surrounding you. Follow this with an evening of hiking up Arenal Volcano to the hot springs, where you’ll enjoy a healing bath. The following morning, get ready to fly through the sky, and conquer the Arenal Sky Trek and Tram. Cover three kilometers over 10 cables, and zip-line through the rainforest. With views of the volcano and lake, you’ll travel as high as 200 meters, with cables as long as 750 meters. Feeling adventurous? I’d say Panama and Costa Rica will have you covered!


Watch out for Whales, Sharks, Lions, and Wineries: Time to Head to South Africa

The perfect combination of relaxation and exhilaration, this trip to South Africa will keep you on your toes. Starting in Cape Town, explore the city with incredible views of Table Mountain, one of the natural Wonders of the World. Get your first exposure to the South African wildlife, and visit the Jackass Penguin Colony at Boulders Bay. From here, you’ll head to the incredible Cape Winelands, explore the historic towns and vineyards, and take a full-day guided tour of the wineries. Be in awe of the views as the vineyards are woven in spectacular mountain ranges, and attend wine tastings and lunch at one of the many delectable restaurants. After your winery escape, the adventure is kicked up a notch as you are transferred to Hermanus. Start your coastal excursions with an adrenaline charged White Shark Cage Diving Tour. Be lowered into the waters, and watch the graceful creatures swimming around you. If this is a bit much, the views from on deck can also be amazing! The following day, you’ll venture to see a larger ocean beast on a full-day Whale Watching Tour. See the spouting, fluking, and breaching of the Southern Right Whale. There’s nothing like watching such a massive creature throwing itself into the air. After a final winery tour in the Hermanus area, head back to Cape Town to take a plane over to the Sabi Sands Gave Reserve. Bordering Kruger National Park, this private reserve will lead you on game drives over several days for the best Big Five Safari experience. Elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalos and leopards roam freely through the reserves from Kruger National Park. Are there any exotic animals that we forgot to include? I think we hit them all!


That’s Right . . . Check Everest Base Camp Trek from Nepal off the Bucket List

We grew up thinking that it wasn’t even an option, that hiking Mt. Everest was impossible. It looks like we were wrong! On the Nepalese side, you can conquer a 14 day trek up to the Everest Base Camp. With stunning views, hike through villages where the culture has remained unchanged for centuries. A day will typically begin with a guide waking you around 6:00 AM to pack and enjoy a fueling breakfast. The trek will bring you hiking for around 3 hours before lunch, and 3 hours after. Trekkers walk ancient trade routes from village to village where the colorful markets and busy tea shops bring visitors in contact with the local populations. A hearty Namaste will usually form instant friendships. Once you reach your village destination each evening, your guide will find the ideal village house for your stay, with comfortable accommodations, delicious food, and western bathrooms. The Himalayan villages dot valleys which sustain Sherpa communities around their ancient monasteries. Spend the evenings discussing your travels with fellow trekkers, and discovering the customs and beliefs of the local people. On the final stretch of your journey, trek along the rough path along the side of the Khumbu glacier to the tea shacks of Gorak Shep, and then up the attractive peak of Pumori at 7000 meters. From here, gaze at the towering peaks of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Changtse, Ama Dablam, and other rigid summits that tear through the sky. If you thought that this ultimate bucket list item was an impossible endeavor, think again!


An Explosion of Adventure through Vietnam and Thailand

With immense culture and exciting excursions, pump up that adrenaline through Thailand and Vietnam. Begin your trip in Vietnam, and explore the culture and wonders of Hanoi. Visiting the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh and the Mausoleum complex is a thrill on its own. After a full taste of the city, head west for the shock and awe of Halong Bay. Board an overnight cruise, and disappear into the floating mountains. Stop along the journey for hiking, fishing, and even kayaking excursions. Sail over to Cat Ba Island and explore the lush forest, including the island’s famous cave. Journey back to Hanoi for an overnight train to Lao Cai. Upon arrival, head to the hotel for breakfast, and then dive into the colorful markets of Sapa. Explore the small community of Cat Cat, and visit the friendly and welcoming H’mong people. Trek through the Lao Chai and Ta Van Ray districts, visiting local villages, hiking past the cascading rice paddies, and absorbing the stunning views of the mountainous region. After the trek, rest those tired muscles in a traditional Red Dao herbal bath. From here it’s back to the train for an overnight ride to Hanoi. From Hanoi, you’ll jump across the border to Bangkok. Explore the capital, visiting the impressive 5½ tons of solid gold Buddha, and the Reclining Buddha, which is the oldest and largest temple in the city. Board a long-tailed speedboat for a thrilling ride through the klongs (canals) of outer Bangkok to get a closer look at the rural lifestyle. Then board a converted Rice Barge for a cruise on the bigger canals. Finish up the trip at Thailand’s Krabi Beach. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling with the tropical fish amongst the coral, and take advantage of the kayaking, rock climbing, and island hopping by speed boat in the area. Rev up that engine, and get over to South-East Asia for the full experience!

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