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Why there’s no reason to pass up visiting those Darwinian Finches…

Make a trip to the Galapagos your next big Adventure!

Built into our elementary school curriculum, the Galapagos are a key part in our teachings on evolution. In 1835, Charles Darwin came to the islands aboard the HMS Beagle, full of ambition and calculated theories. His observations and collections from this journey helped the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. This then became the backbone of our science classes! So besides bringing us back to the days of banging erasers, why turn our groomed intrigue into your next vacation destination? What you need to ask yourself, is do you like exotic marine and wild life? Do you like exciting water adventures, like kayaking and snorkeling? Do you enjoy soaring through the open water from a high-class sailboat or yacht? If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to book that next big adventure!

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Wildlife: Visit the exotic species that changed science forever

The Galapagos are home to a fantastic array of species. The amazing colors of the blue and red-footed boobies, the agility of the curious sea lions, and the presence of the giant tortoises are only a sample of what you’ll be exposed to in this marine haven. One of the most fascinating species that we have all read about is those Darwinian finches.

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The first to help prove the theories of evolution, each island had their own finch species that had developed around their surroundings. From their tools to extract food from trees, to the size of their beaks, each island’s finch had adapted to their own environment. By traveling to the Galapagos, you can follow the path of these evolutionary stars, listening to the genius of local expert guides, and seeing their habitat yourself. Travel In November, and see the Sea Lion pups recently born on the rocks or sand. Follow around such adorable faces as they learn their place in the world. From December to April, watch as tiny tortoises hatch on the beach, and rush to the protection of the ocean. Find yourself lost in the pack of iguanas scurrying across the land, and let that inner photography nut loose!Torutgas4.jpg


Adventure: Pump up that adrenaline

Combine that wildlife intrigue with your inner adrenaline junkie! All the cruises that Yampu Tours works with have exhilarating excursions readily available. Travel on the Anahi Catamaran and find yourself fully equipped to snorkel through Gardner Bay, and swim along the fantastic sandy beaches. Kayak right off the eastern shore of Espanola Island, and see the large colonies of sea lions as they putts around the rocks and shore. Want to explore on land? Cruise the islands on the Galapagos Odyssey Catamaran, and hike up to the top of Bartolome Island. With an exciting steep climb, trek up for breathtaking views of the most famous Galapagos vista: Pinnacle Rock & Santiago Island. After heading back to the shore, cool off with an optional swim or snorkel!DSC_0159.jpg Like volcanoes? Jump on the Voyager Cruise and visit los Gemelos (or twins) a pair of craters approximately 30 meters deep. The holes could have been created from a volcanic explosion or because of magma chambers inside earth; regardless they’re quite the site to see!

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Luxury Cruise: The best way to island hop

 Science, adventure, and wildlife. Why not add a bit of luxury? Yampu Tours uses only the best of the best when it comes to Galapagos boats. Therefore, we’ve made sure that some of the options on that list meet our luxury standards. The Galapagos Grand Odyssey yacht combines luxury, privacy, and comfort. The Chef aboard prepares local and international cuisine for the passengers to enjoy in the yacht’s intimate dining room. Bathe in the sun on deck, and relax in the soothing onboard Jacuzzi. You can also test the beautiful accommodations of the Seaman Journey Catamaran. This sleek vessel has a fantastic sun deck with chairs for rest and relaxation, and 2 bars and a lounge for that evening cocktail. Each room has sweeping views of the surrounding islands, and can provide a private and intimate atmosphere for that ultimate honeymoon! When it comes to combining adventure with luxury, Yampu Tours has you covered.

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