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5 Fun Facts About Easter Island


1. Easter Island is home to more horses than people!



2. The Moai heads actually have bodies buried underneath the earth, which were discovered by archaeologists who excavated around the statues. This makes the scaled of the Moai even more impressive and adds mystery how they could have been moved, as they weigh in at an average of 14 tons. There are 887 total on the island.



3. The ahus, or platforms, upon which the Moai were built used to contain burial chambers, adding to the mystery of what that Moais represent- could they be venerated members of Rapa Nui civilization?



4.  Easter Island is only 14 miles long! Visitors can bicycle around the island with relative ease and stop to see many sites in only a day.



5. The Mataveri International Airport is the most remote airport in the world.


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