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3 Essential Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Road Trip


3 Essential Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Road Trip

By Guest Writer, Cassie Steele

A recent survey conducted by AAA found that 80% of planned vacations this year will be road trips, according to CNBC. Road trips are awesome, as they guarantee more convenience and flexibility than air travel. Moreover, traveling by car to a holiday destination offers a grand adventure. A road trip treats you to breathtaking tourist attractions, and you have the freedom to make multiple stops and explore new places.  

While there are no rules for road tripping, without proper preparation, your journey can become stressful. Fortunately, there are many smart ways to kick off your vacation planning before you hit the road. Here are3 essential tips for planning an unforgettable road trip. 


Research Road Trip Destinations 

If you’re looking to make your journey epic, take time to research locations suitable for road tripping online. In most cases, travelers highlight road trip experiences on their social media accounts. So you’ll likely find a place that suits your travel interests by browsing through Reddit, Instagram, and Pinterest. Remember, you don’t have to go on car trips across your country only. There are amazing road trips around the world you can take as long as you plan accordingly.

For instance, you might want to consider driving along the Great Ocean Road, Australia. Taking this route gives you pleasure to enjoy a thrilling ride of 150 miles of beautiful coastline and scenic views like the Twelve Apostles. If you want to go places characterized by history and a creepy factor, then the Skeleton Coast of Namibia is an excellent choice. Whatever destination you choose depends on your interests and travel goals.


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Choose Your Car Wisely

Investing in the right road trip vehicle is crucial if you want to experience a stress-free journey. Think about the terrain you’ll be driving on, the number of people you’re traveling with, and how long you’ll be on the road. Understanding your travel needs will help you select a car that’s designed for long-distance drives. Also, invest time to read and compare rankings on various automobile models and makes. Reviews from other consumers will guide you in picking a fuel-efficient, comfortable, safe, and dependable ride.


Plan Your Route 

Once you’ve picked a destination and vehicle, it’s time to map your route. Since you’ll be traveling to unfamiliar destinations, take advantage of road trip planning tools. Google Maps, Roadtrippers, Waze, and YampuGo are perfect for mapping routes and planning activities to any destination. When planning a route, ensure you leave room for spontaneity and multiple stops. Additionally, don’t take the highways only. Taking the back roads is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy incredible views along with the flexibility to stop and capture memorable moments without traffic.


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There is nothing quite relaxing like the wind blowing through your hair as you cruise down the open road, listening to music, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. However, your journey might not turn out as expected when you hit the road. That is why you should always have a plan before you leave. In addition to picking the right destination, set a travel budget, prepare your itinerary, and choose a car wisely. Following these tips will not only make your road trip amazing but also enhance your safety.


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About Cassie;

Cassie formerly worked as a flight attendant for over a decade, taking her all over Asia, including South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, among others. The combination of exciting cultures, low prices, and delicious food was the reason why Asia became a favorite stop of hers.

A couple of years ago, Cassie took a step back to spend more time with her family and became a freelance writer and editor in which she uses her vast knowledge on Asian destinations to further inspire other travelers to witness the beautiful continent.


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