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Authentic Travel with Monica Irauzqui

Woman business owner, mother, and world traveler, Yampu’s Monica Irauzqui has visited over 50 destinations during her lifetime where she has gained an exceptional level of expertise in nearly all things travel.

In an interview with esteemed speaker, Chris Smit of Culture Matters, Monica shared her travel knowledge with excellent insights on how to be culturally sensitive while traveling abroad.


Listen to the full podcast below for Monica’s cultural sensitivity tips while traveling abroad;


To better help travelers and business leaders understand cultural diversity, Chris’ podcasts help build cultural competence with a global perspective from prominent guests.

Over the last twenty years, Chris Smit has worked with thousands of individuals from over 100 nationalities in more than 45 different countries sharing his know-how on Cultural Diversity and Company Culture, doing hundreds of Cultural Awareness Training & Lectures.


You can hear more of Chris’ inspiring podcast episodes on Spotify and other streaming services with new episodes added twice monthly.



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