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Colombia: Coffee Triangle Triangle Tours

Colombia’s Coffee Triangle was named a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape in June of 2010.  This area offers not only the world’s best coffee, but a rich culture and lush landscape. 


The coffee here is absolutely amazing and has been a process perfected over 100 years.  The reddish-colored fruits of the coffee plant are called the “cherries”.  It is the seeds from these cherries that are toasted and ground up to produce the world’s 3 most consumed beverages, behind only water and tea.  The temperate climate and rich soil create ideal conditions.


Colombia’s Coffee Triangle includes several local farms that span over the regions of Quindio, Risarlda, Caldas, and Valle del Cauca.  These farms offer tours and tastings of their delicious brew with pride.  The major appeal of the coffee triangle is not only the coffee, but the locals.  The people of the triangle work to create an amazing experience for visitors.  On top of their amazing work ethic and positive attitude the people here are extremely hospitable while you tour their farms and lodge in local and restored coffee haciendas.  The location, with temperate climate and rich soil perfect for coffee cultivation, is also beautiful with sprawling coffee fields and high Andes Mountains in the background.

There is plenty to explore in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle as pleasant trails meander through the beautiful countryside via foot, bike, or horseback.  Pereira, the capital city of the Risarlda region of the Coffee Triangle, offers a reprise from the countryside and offers a deeply historic district with influences from Spain, Africa, India, and pre-Colombian times.

Colombia Tours offer travelers various combinations of activities from exploring the impressive volcanoes to the popular coffee triangle.

Other popular Colombia tours include Cartagena, the beautiful Tayrona National ParkMedellin, the land of eternal Spring, or whale watching in Nuqui.  You can also choose to explore with our Multi-Sport program designed exclusively for the Coffee Triangle.


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