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Featured Testimonial: “I’m never planning another trip myself!”

One of the best things about the travel industry is the new people you get to meet during your explorations. Some new acquaintances will even blossom into special bonds that can take you around the world!


Yampu Traveler, Jonathan has been on numerous worldly adventures with Yampu Tours and isn’t about to slow down! With his wife in one hand and suitcase in the other, Jonathan is on a pursuit to see the world with the help of Yampu.
My wife and I have now been on 3 trips with Yampu. Each one has been amazing. You tell them what you like, what you don’t, right down to the types of hotels and if you want to take a cooking class or go horseback riding, hiking, or sit by the pool. They arrange everything from having you met at the plane and driven to your hotel to the private walking tours, private drivers and guides, restaurant recommendations, whatever you want. Prices are very fair and since every trip is customized for you, you can add or remove experiences or services to suit your budget. Not as expensive as you would think either – fairly competitive with any higher end group tour you would take — but no groups to hassle with. It is a small company, which I love, because I know the people I’m talking to when I call, and I know that everything will be perfect. They really know their destinations and they have boots on the ground everywhere you go. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m never planning another trip myself!

– Jonathan C

Thank you so much, John for the kind words! We cannot wait to help you experience your next destination.


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