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A dip in the ocean and a stroll through the sand is more than just a pleasant diversion from your work life. It turns out that a trip to the shore can give your mental health a big boost.


The benefits of vacationing

You get to take a break. Many of us deal with stress on a daily basis due to our work lives and other obligations. All of that stress can be really bad for you. You can become sick more easily, your sleep patterns become unhealthy, your digestion suffers, and your cardiac health can decline. You even risk anxiety and depression. Thankfully, using your hard-earned vacation days can give you a much-needed respite.


The experts at Psychology Today explain, “We emerge from a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again. We gain perspective on our problems, get to relax with our families and friends, and get a break from our usual routines.”


You’ll feel better all over. Vacations are good for your health in many ways. Research shows that getting away from it all can lower your blood pressure, put you in a better mood, and help you sleep. Vacations are even shown to improve your creativity and make you less apt to suffer burnout from your job. Getting away can boost your satisfaction with life in general, improving how you feel regarding your relationships, work, leisure time, and intellectual well-being.


Sun, sand, and sea

 One of the best ways to make the most of your time off is to choose a beach vacation. For example, Kauai, often referred to as the Garden Island in Hawaii, offers several gorgeous beaches that provide plenty of opportunities for a leisurely stroll, a vigorous workout, or a lazy afternoon. And when you book a vacation rental with Yampu, your travel consultant can tailor your accommodation preferences to find your ideal getaway that’s only a short distance from the ocean.


Benefits of the beach. Spending time at the beach offers terrific health benefits. Soaking up the sunshine gives your body vitamin D, which helps keep your bones strong and skin healthy. Time in the sun can boost your mood and may even lower symptoms of depression. Huffington Post notes the sand will even help exfoliate your skin. A short stroll on the beach gives you a decent workout, too, and will lower your stress while helping you reset psychologically.


How the ocean helps. Being close enough to see, smell and hear the ocean offers its own special benefits. The minerals in the water are believed to be good for joint health and for the elasticity of your skin. Also, some studies report that ocean sounds produce a therapeutic effect, lowering stress and improving general mental health.


Making the most of your getaway

 It’s important to do some research before taking time off. Decide what your destination will be and what you will enjoy doing while you’re there. Set your itinerary with input from your whole family so nobody is disappointed. Don’t set unrealistic expectations, like exercising daily during your break, and try to make arrangements for easing back into your work routine when you return; has a few pointers for reassimilating into normal life, like making to-do lists and bringing home a memento.


Put a plan into action

Your vacation is a great way to jumpstart a plan to feel healthier and happier all the time. Once you return home, if you continue to experience stress, you might wish to engage freelance wellness services. Among others, there are nutrition, exercise, and mental health experts that can assist you in reshaping your habits. Professional input into lifestyle changes can help you identify problem areas, and help you create a regimen that makes sense for your circumstances.


Pack your bags!

packing list luggage suitcase

It’s important for your well-being to take a break now and then, so boost your mental health with a visit to the sand and sea. Whether you’re planning a world tour with your significant other or just a weekend away, you’ll be rejuvenated mentally and physically from your oceanside getaway and ready to get back to the “real world!”


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