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On this special episode of Choosing Your Reflection, we’re asking our audience to imagine what their perfect honeymoon or special celebration excursion would be. Helping us craft our visions and make them a reality is this week’s guest Monica Irauzqui, vice-president of YAMPU Tours. From New York to Peru, and then Sicily in one year (and married not long after), Monica recounts the wanderlust she shares with her husband and how her experience of the world helps tailor unique experiences for newlyweds, almost weds, and everyone outside and in between! Listen to the full episode below…

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Choosing your Reflection is a series of discussions about the allure and mystery of people wear on their wedding day. Through conversations with a diverse group of brides and grooms, we aim to unravel the unique significance of the perfect wedding day outfit and its meaning to our subjects’ pasts, presents, and futures.




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