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There are time’s that travel, no matter how passionate about it you may be, becomes a daunting task.

Whether you’re concerned about safety or the process of planning transportation, choosing and booking accommodations, finding activities, managing your time, navigating unknown places, the things to do before leaving, the things to do when you return, the list is endless.

Yampu’s Tour Consultants are here to take that unnecessary stress off of your shoulders so you (and your travel partners) can relax and truly enjoy your experiences.

Rest assured, Yampu is here to help make your dream trip a reality without the worry! Take a look at a recent testimonial from Yampu Traveler, Lisa and see what she had to say about her Yampu Experience;

We spent around 4 weeks in South America on a private tour organized by Yampu. All my communication was done through Karolina. My main concern was safety as we were traveling with both our children at that time were under 12. We went from Peru to Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. We chose to have private tours with our own driver and guide, although at some of the places we had to join group tours which also worked out fine.

There was a Yampu guide who met us on arrival at every airport, and also helped us check in for every flight we took. On the ground, all the transportation provided were very comfortable and all the drivers took care to drive safely and to make sure that we were always comfortable, especially during long road trips. At every destination we were greeted with wonderful guides, all very knowledgeable and warm, who engaged very well with our children. Both our kids still talk about our guides and about how much fun they had with them.

Patagonia was amazing! It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We traveled through El Calafate, Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine, and we loved every minute of our time there. All the accommodation that Karolina arranged for us were extremely comfortable, all in very convenient locations. We were able to find good restaurants all within walking distance (especially in El Calafate. We ate some of the most delicious roast lamb every night we were there!). The tours we did here were fantastic. As you can imagine, the weather plays a big part in daily activities in these places. There was one day when we were booked to go on a drive up the mountains but the rain came down very heavily. Despite having to change the driving route for safety reasons, and also dealing with some disappointed people because we could hardly see out of the windows, our guide took it in her stride, and still managed to make the journey fun and enjoyable for us.

If you’re going to Patagonia Camp, you will not be disappointed! We walked into the camp and what an incredible surprise it was. To be honest, I’d done very little research on this part of our trip (we were on a 7-month holiday so I was also busy planning the other parts at the same time) so we really didn’t have any expectations. Till today, my kids still remind me of what I told them on the bus on the way there. I said to them “it’s a camp so don’t expect anything too fancy ok”. You should have seen their faces when we walked into the camp! The yurts were incredible, food excellent, service was top notch. Aside from the accommodation, all the excursions we did were amazing. How could it not be when we were surrounded by the most stunning scenery. Every guide we had on our hikes was incredibly knowledgeable of the environment. We did some hikes which were pretty challenging for our little 8-year old and the guides who were with us made sure she was was ok every step of the way, whether it was holding her hand to help her up the steep terrain or even make her the “leader” of the pack as a challenge (and she made it to the top at such a fast pace that the rest of us had a hard time keeping up!).

We have such amazing memories of our time in South America. We were very happy with the package that Karolina put together for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yampu. I was in contact with Karolina throughout our trip, and she was very quick to respond to all my queries and gave good suggestions and advice. We decided to add on Bolivia at the very last minute (we were already part way through our South America trip), and Karolina still managed to booked flights, accommodation, tours for us for the dates we needed.

Finding yourself still wondering if planning with a Tour Operator is right for you? Here are even more reasons to book with Yampu! If you’re still in doubt, our experienced Tour Consultants will happily work with you to ease your worries with full, one on one attention and testimonials from past Yampu Travelers.

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