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New Tips to Prepare for a Trip During Covid-19

New Tips to Prepare for a Trip During Covid-19, and a Few Old Tips You May Have Forgotten

For many people, 2021 marks the return to travel. With so many canceled and postponed trips in the past year, both travelers and the countries who welcome them are excited to see the world open back up, as more countries open to travel everyday. For those of us who have not traveled for a while, getting ready for a long trip can feel overwhelming with new Covid-19 considerations on top of the general planning. Here are a few new tips to keep in mind as you book your next trip, and a few tips from before Covid-19 that are important to remember.


New Tips

Research Country Vaccine/Quarantine Requirements

When Covid-19 first became a global pandemic, the response and protocols were different in every country, and even in regions within those countries. As a new component of travel, know which Covid-19 protocols are necessary to travel to and enter a new country sooner rather than later. For instance, if a country requires a negative Covid-19 test, you need to consider the timing and expense of getting results in time. If you have to quarantine upon arrival, you need accommodation set up to do so as well. For most destinations, getting vaccinated is the easiest way to ensure you can travel and avoid additional requirements that can cut into your vacation.


Make Reservations

Before Covid-19, many popular tourist destinations and restaurants relied on the old fashioned way to control crowds and the number of visitors一a line outside. However, social distancing and dispersing crowds are major components of stopping the spread of Covid-19, meaning even the most ancient of sites had to turn to an online reservation system, and many are not going back! While this is a great way to ensure you are able to see the sites that are most important to you or guarantee a seat at the restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at, these reservations can be booked out weeks, or even months, in advance, and if you don’t get one, there’s no longer the option of just showing up to wait in line. Planning your trip farther out is a must if there are specific things you want to see or do. If this sounds like a lot of extra work, consider booking a tour, like these great tours in Europe, or working with a Yampu travel expert who will take care of these reservations for you and make sure you visit all of the sites worth seeing.


Buy a Comfortable Mask

For everyone’s safety, masks are still required in many destinations and local establishments 一 the most significant being airports and airlines. For world travelers, this means hours and even days of wearing a mask. To make these current requirements more tolerable, we recommend investing in a comfortable face covering. Find the best mask for travel with one that fits your face, provides protection but is still breathable, and consider choosing one with ties that go around your head rather than your ears to relieve pressure. Now buy a pack of them! This way you won’t have to wear the same mask for your entire trip.


Old Tips

Pack For the Season, Not the Forecast

packing list luggage suitcaseWhile it’s always good to look at the most recent weather forecast of your destination, make sure to research historical and seasonal weather patterns to be sure you’re prepared. For example, on a trip to Central Asia, even if the weather forecast looks great for a few days during the dry season, you have to remember that you’re still in the dry season and that conditions can change very quickly. The easiest way to prepare for any and all weather is to think of layers, especially in places known to have warmer days and cooler nights.


Hire a House Sitter

Getting your home in order before your trip is one way to make sure your trip can be enjoyed to the fullest and that you will be more relaxed when your trip is over. Hiring a house sitter, whether it’s someone who visits frequently or stays there for the duration of your trip, ensures someone is there to take care of the little things, but also in case of emergency. Make sure you’ve got good contact lists, like the number to the landlord if you’re a renter, or your home warranty or insurance provider if you’ve a homeowner. Having these protections and contacts in place provides you peace of mind on your vacation, but also saves you from searching for a repairman or provider while on vacation.


Look Like You’re Home

The sad reality is that many home burglars scope out and target homes that appear to be empty. If you cannot find a house sitter, there are a few things you can do to try to fool them. Make sure mail is taken care of; either stopping it completely until your trip is over or having a neighbor pick it up every day will help you avoid signaling that no one is home and also help deter porch pirates. Setting lights on timers or using home automation will not only create the illusion that someone is home but can also help you conserve energy while you’re gone.



Basic chores before you leave for a long trip can make your return home so much more enjoyable. Throwing out any soon-to-expire food and taking the trash out means you won’t arrive home to weird and gross smells. Wiping down counters and mopping means spills and stains won’t be sitting and setting for weeks. Make sure laundry is done and even consider putting fresh sheets on your bed, so you’ll return home to a clean and cozy bed after a long day of travel.


With Covid-19 and everything that came with the pandemic, return to travel can be daunting and even a little worrisome. Just know that at Yampu, we are taking every precaution and preparation to make sure that you have the safest and enjoyable trip possible. But don’t just take our word for it, check out this testimonial from Cheryl from her trip to Ecuador, and see some of her amazing pictures from the trip!


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