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Quito: A Tasty New Culinary Destination

Quito, Ecuador has announced a promotion of the capital city’s culinary heritage into its tourism infrastructure.  The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and already a popular destination due to its rich cultural legacy, beautiful architecture and rich history; Quito Turismo hopes of defining the city as a culinary destination as well. We at Yampu are all for it!

Quito took its first step into the realm of foodie tourism by highlighting the city’s most popular dish Fanesca, also extremely popular during Easter week due to its religious connotations (the stew combines twelve ingredients as a representation of Jesus’s twelve apostles).

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Like most regional dishes, every restaurant has a different spin on the traditional dish and Quito has selected the twelve best where you can enjoy the infamous fanesca.  The restaurants were selected based on their use of traditional flavors and ingredients, as well as their ability to offer variations of the dish.  These twelve restaurants are also considered to offer the best cuisine in Quito.

We look forward to hearing from you on how we can customize an itinerary for you combining Ecuador’s culture, landscape AND cuisine!


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