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10 Ways To Make The Most of Bad Weather While in Lima

By Guest writer,
Richard Jackson
from World Weather Online


Sitting just 12o south of the equator, Lima’s climate isn’t quite what most people think. In summer, there are warm mornings with beautiful views across the city, but in winter you might wake up to mist that takes a couple of hours to clear.

The capital of Peru sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, which means the Humboldt Current cools any heat from the tropical sun, but also creates a little humidity and the mist.

So, what do you do when you’re in the city and the forecast predicts bad weather? Here is a list of ten things to do to make your time memorable.


  1. Sample Peruvian cuisine

You’re on vacation, which means it’s time to take some you time and indulge a little. Peruvian cuisine is some of the best in South America and you’re going to be in for a treat by visiting one of the many restaurants or cafes.

Having a long multicultural history, Peruvian flavors showcase a fusion of local ingredients with influence from around the globe. This includes Spanish influence dating back to the 16th century, and Chinese immigrants bringing tastes from home.

A must try dish is ceviche, which is raw fish marinated in lime juice and is one of the tastiest dishes you’ll try while in Peru.


  1. Head to the coast

While you’re not going to be laying down on the beach and topping up your tan in bad weather, Lima has great beaches that are a short trip from the city that are with a visit no matter the weather. You can make it a sea life spotting trip, explore rock pools or discover the beaches.

Just make sure you put on the right gear if the weather isn’t great.

Get ready to spot some manatees, sea lions and seals. Peru also has whales, dolphins and porpoises, but seeing these depends on the time of year and location.



Go for a guided road trip

If you want to head out of the city and discover more of what the local area has to offer then you could take a guided road trip. It’s perfect when the weather is lousy.

Heading north from the city you could visit Caral or Lachay. These tend to be great day-trip destinations in the wintertime when it’s humid and foggy. You’ll see so much greenery and amazing landscapes in the winter.


Tour the city

There’s no better way to tour the city than using your own two feet. You see so much more and discover some hidden gems while exploring with your local Yampu Guide.

The tour will last a few hours and they’ll show you the main parts of this historic city with a local insiders point of view. When you’re on the tour ask your guide as many questions as you want, they’ll be happy to answer them. They’ll know the best places to eat, shop and drink while you’re in the city!



Play indoor games

Depending on the number of people in your group, you could grab a pack of playing cards and entertain yourselves for a while with a mini tournament. Connect with your travel partners and enjoy each other’s company in a new city with a little extra downtime.

Also, you could ask the reception at your hotel if they have any board games. Some local cafes in the city also have board games and encourage both locals and tourists to play.


Go shopping

Larcomar Mall is a cool place that you should visit, even if you’re not in much of a mood to buy new things. It’s a shopping mall that was built into a cliff! A must-see for all of your Instagram friends.

It has a plentiful amount of shops and restaurants, so you can try some local cuisine (maybe some ceviche?) and have a relaxing moment near to the ocean. Sitting in one of the outside restaurants surrounded by greenery and feeling the breeze from the ocean is an experience not to be missed.


Use your hotel’s facilities

If the weather prediction for Lima states that there’ll be strong winds or rain then you can ask the hotel’s reception team about their indoor activities. Some hotels have beauty spas, so you can pamper yourself for the day and have a relaxing massage.

Your hotel might have a cinema or movies that you can purchase on the TV. A lazy afternoon watching the latest blockbuster might be just the answer to the bad weather. Also, if your hotel has a pool then taking a swim when it’s an overcast day can be a great way to pass the time.


Cook the Peruvian experience

Want to make your very own ceviche or causa? Well, you can. This experience lasts for a few hours and you’ll be immersed in Peruvian culture and cooking.

First, the chef will greet you and take you to a local market to show you how local, fresh ingredients are bought. He will help you buy any meat, fish, fruit or vegetables for the dishes you will cook. You’ll learn what goes into the dishes to make them taste so delicious and be able to try your hand at making a Pisco sour (and drinking it!).

The atmosphere is fun and you’ll have an amazing time with the locals.


Watch a soccer match

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in Peru, tickets are inexpensive, and the atmosphere is second to none.

There are many places to watch, but Alianza play in a 35,000 seat stadium and is located in Lima’s La Victoria district. If you’re in the city and you’re a football fan then watching a game of soccer is a must.

The league competition runs from February to December and there are three cup tournaments. A little bit of bad weather won’t put the players off playing and doesn’t prevent lots of the supporters from watching them.


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Visit the Larco Museum

If you’re still stuck for something to do in Lima on a misty, drizzly day then head to the Larco Museum. It’s located inside a former mansion and has lots of artifacts from pre-Columbian history.

The museum was one of the first in the world to open its storerooms to the public, so you can see thousands of ancient ceramics that aren’t on display in the main part of the museum. It’s like having a “backstage pass”.

One main attraction that the museum is famous for is its collection of erotic ceramic art. The Spanish were a little shocked when they discovered it, but it’s worth a giggle during your visit.


Ready for Lima, Peru?

Lima is a great city to visit if you’re thinking about heading to Cusco. There are lots of different things to do in the city when the weather is a little wet and dreary. With a great plan you will certainly create a rememberable trip to Peru.

There is so much diversity in the City of Kings: learning about its history, eating great-tasting cuisine washed down with some Pisco sours, and dancing until the early hours. This will be an adventure that you’ll never forget.


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