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20 Reasons to Love Yampu: #1 Private Guides


Private guides offer an exclusive, VIP perspective on your tours. See what you want to see on your own time, rather than running on a group schedule and itinerary. Expert planning ensures you get the best, hassle-free experience- sort of like having an E-Z Pass, but better! Some of the best experiences our clients have are because of their guides, and oftentimes they form life-long friendships,

Yampu-Bali-guideYour guide is key, and ours are time-tested, assuring a great experience. They are not only the last word in expertise, but also possess a love of developing relationships with their charges. Whether guiding a fun-loving family or a group of intellectuals, our guides possess a knack for intuiting what’s needed.

Because of our guides’ insider knowledge, their assistance includes special touches and benefits that you would not be able to procure on your own. It’s difficult to appreciate the value of these special touches until you’re actually experiencing them, and it’s impossible to put a value on their ability to mitigate any emergency on your behalf.


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