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Whether or not you seek for adventures in the Amazonian jungle or relaxing afternoons on the beach, in Thailand you will encounter rare animal species on your way.

There are amazing opportunities to see unique kinds of animals in their native sustainable environments – a goal we take seriously at Yampu.
In fact, we are working hand to hand with several associations and organizations to help preserve unique natural ecosystems and endangered animals by financial contributions but also with volunteering initiatives.

This Week on Instagram is dedicated to endangered species around the world.

This elephant is having a great time showering on the breach of Krabi, Thailand.

Caught on the move, a macaque mother is carrying her baby in the jungle temple of Borobudur in Indonesia.

Due to an unique hemoglobin in their blood, Yaks are the perfect mounts in Bhutan’s heights. In fact, this endangered animal can’t live below 10,500 feet.

The Tamarin monkeys can only be found in tropical rainforests, like in Panama. Fun fact: the males are the only ones carrying the babies at their earliest age.

Two beautiful White Tigers in the dense jungle of the Singapore zoo. These animals are not true albino but simply have less dark pigment in its coat. There is only 200 White Tigers left alive in the world. 

This week in India started Diwali, the annual Festival of Lights.
We share with you a picture of a beautiful Rangoli. Those patterns are usually made of rice or different colored sands to welcome the goddess Lakshmi.

Are you traveling, or have you traveled with Yampu? Tag your pictures with #YampuTravel so we can see them too! We will share our favorites.

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