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It was always worth waiting in line at the local county fair. With cotton candy in hand, you would patiently watch those ahead you. You would see them walk through the fence, up the wooden ladder, and onto their harnessed seat; oh the excitement of a ride on the Elephant! These massive animals would never fail to instill endless wonders of the exotic places they are from. From their gloriously huge Dumbo ears, to spraying water through their long swaying trunk, elephants are the epitome of a safari creature.

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Never did you think you would get as close to an elephant again. At a zoo, or even a safari, you would still only be able to see these amazing animals from a far. Well then… would you ever believe that you could take a walking tour with elephants, AND that these elephants would be your guides? Hard to believe, but it’s true! At the Sanctuary Baines Camp, or Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp in Botswana, stay at a beautiful safari lodge, and take a walk with the elephants.

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It’s time for you to meet Jabu, Thembi and Marula. These three are the brilliant elephant guides of Sanctuary Retreats. Have them show you how they find food, strip leaves from branches with their trunks, and shower themselves in the Okavango Delta lagoons. By booking to hang out with this gentle trio, you will take a leisurely walk through the African reserve, and stop for a fun and delicious picnic in their company.


Along with these semi-habituated elephants, find yourself gazing as a plethora of wildlife, including leopards, crocodiles, cheetahs, and giraffs. Don’t be too surprised to see prowling lions hunting for prey at the edge of the lagoon, while sitting on your wooden deck off of the dining room in your suite.

If you like what you’re hearing, make sure to check out our itinerary at the Sanctuary Baines Camp Lodge. This beautiful and romantic lodge will let you sleep under the stars at night, and explore the Okavango Delta by day. The best times to travel to Botswana are between the months of April and October, so get that trip booked!

Interested? Contact your Yampu Travel Consultant to start planning that luxury safari, and meet the crazy trio! 


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