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April Showers bring… more promotions!

Save up to $700 per person on all Yampu Highlight Tours

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            The Highlight Tours we have created never seem to fail us, so we won’t fail to keep the specials on them rolling! After having traveled to our various destinations, Yampu Tours has developed itineraries that cover the essential must-sees in each city and country we represent. Only using the hotels, guides, transfers, etc. that we have personally verified the quality of, our Highlight Tours are an easy way to experience that #1 country on your bucket list. With their readiness and popularity, we see no reason to keep them out of the monthly promotion again, and have boosted the deal!

            If you book before April 30th, 2013, save up to $700 per person on your Highlight Tour of choice! Pick that country, type of trip, and then deduct (per person):

$ 250 if trip cost is between $ 2000 and $ 3499;

$ 400 if trip cost is between $ 3500 and $ 4999;

$ 600 if trip cost is between $ 5000 and $ 6999;

$ 700 if trip cost is over $ 7000.

The travel must be completed before December 20th, 2013, so figure out what your vacation time looks like, and take the plunge! Curious what our Highlight Tours look like? Well here are examples from each of our regions.


South America: https://www.yampu.com/en/category/uruguay-highlights/

Central America: https://www.yampu.com/en/category/guatemala-highlights/

Africa: https://www.yampu.com/en/category/flyin%20namibia/

India/S. Asia: https://www.yampu.com/en/category/sri-lanka-highlights-with-beach-extensions/

South-East Asia: https://www.yampu.com/en/category/cultural-highlights-with-singapore/


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