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Brain-Freeze Worthy Frozen Treats Around the World

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate this magnificent time of year than to indulge in a heaping bowl of sweet, frosty Camels Milk Ice-cream!? Rather than jumping into the usual pint of Ben & Jerry’s (no disrespect meant!) take a look at some of these brain-freeze worthy frozen treats around the world to try poolside this summer!


UAE – Camels Milk Ice-cream

Unlike traditional ice cream made with cow’s milk, camel’s milk ice cream is a tad saltier by nature with nearly three times the amount of vitamin C. Although the two share a similar consistency, the camel milk base contains many more health benefits especially for the lactose sensitive and those with diabetes thanks to the milk’s high insulin levels.  Even though you might not be seeing Camels milk ice cream on American shelves in the near future, do yourself a favor and grab a scoop during your next long layover in Dubai.

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Mexico – Paletas

Paletas are divided into two groups; De agua (made with fruit juice) and De Leche (made with milk) Flavors can range from those that compliment milk flavor like fresh strawberry to the tangy-er flavors such as lime. A perfect indulgence for those looking to avoid sugary, over-processed foods, Paletas are made using only fresh ingredients. Your childhood favorite popsicles pale in comparison with their mass-produced “natural flavoring”.  To make your homemade Paletas a little more appealing to adults, make them a little boozy with a splash of tequila for a fun pop-tail!

India – Kulfi

Referred to as “The original ice cream of India” Kulfi is a creamy yet solid pleasure that is made much like ice cream by the condensing of milk and cream, mixed with sugar and spices, often frozen in a mold. Unlike ice cream, the mixture is not whipped before freezing, leaving it more as a solid creamsicle consistency of sorts. Some flavors include mango, rose, and saffron.


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Vietnam – Sinh To Bo

South Vietnam is hot and humid nearly year-round so it is no wonder that the Vietnamese have mastered the art of sweet, iced beverages. Translating to “milkshake”, “sinh to” is a blended condensed milk drink often paired with fruits such as pineapple, durian, and a sure favorite for many, avocado or “bo”. This simple 3 ingredient pick-me-up blends the buttery taste of avocado with condensed milk and ice for a cool, smooth finish.

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Japan – Mochi Ice cream

The chewy consistency of mochi may not appeal to many western palates, however, it is a historic favorite in Japan. Dating as far back as 794 this rice dough began as a new year tradition in the land of the rising sun and was used for religious purposes in the Shinto region and eaten regularly by samurai. Scoops of Ice cream with flavors such as green tea, plum wine, and red bean are encapsulated by the sweet rice flour dough creating a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is to die for.

Philippines – Mais con Yelo

Nothing says summer like an ear of delicious sweet corn grilled on the BBQ and served with a whopping portion of protein, but why stop there? In the Philippines, corn is not only used as a savory side dish but blended together with ice, condensed milk and sugar for a cool afternoon sweet treat. Add an optional scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnish with some cornflakes for a sweeter kick.


Turkey – Dondurma

Food is always better when you can play with it and the Turkish delight, Dondurma is the most fun with its Stretch Armstrong-like qualities. A similar texture to taffy, Dondurma is made with cream, whipped cream, sugar, and the not so secret ingredients of mastic and salep. Mastic, the gummy resin ingredient, is what gives the ice cream the stick and pull, unlike traditional ice-cream.  In the summertime, visitors can see Dondurma vendors on the streets performing and entertaining hungry tourists with their elusive tricks, stretching and pulling the chewy ice cream in every direction.


Peru – Chups

Very similar to sticky sweet freezer pops that many American children associate with summertime, Chups are frozen juice sticks that can range in flavor and are easy to make at home. Simply pour in your favorite fruit juice, milk flavor or yogurt, freeze and enjoy! For a fun adult version, try mixing lime juice and sugar with a little pisco for a frozen pisco sour.

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