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Can’t decide between Mountains and Beaches for your vacation?  These are the best destinations offering both!




Generally, when one thinks of Peru the vast Andean Mountain peaks come to mind, sheltering long lost Incan relics and extensively winding trails calling for adventurers and nature lovers alike. Much of this may be true, but Peru being a coastal country also offers numerous beach escapes that rival those of the Caribbean or Polynesia (Well, almost).

If you’re seeking a destination that can meet all needs, Peru is certainly a destination that should top everyone’s list. From biking and rafting to trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to cruising the wild Amazon river and lounging amidst secluded beaches on Peru’s shores, the Land of the Incas has something for everyone.

Our expert Tour Consultants highly recommend taking advantage of the hiking opportunities through Peru to Machu Picchu. Yet, if you are feeling extra adventurous, a privately guided hike to the flamboyant Rainbow Mountains is a unique alternative.

After trekking through some of South America’s most rugged terrains, wrapping up your tour with some beach lounging doesn’t sound half bad. The warm waters of Punta Sal or the neighboring beach of Máncora will be sure to soothe any aching muscles.

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Known for its stunning beaches and prehistoric, karst landscapes, Thailand is a no-brainer for those seeking some epic mountain views and ocean hues.

White sand beaches are contrasted by giant limestone cliffs, jutting up from the shores, surrounded by some of those most turquoise waters you will ever see. Movie-goers may recognize the cliffs of James Bond Island, from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Our experts suggest forgoing the shaken martini, however, for a crisp local Singha Beer.

Many Yampu Travelers wrap up their Thailand exploration with some days spent on the pure white sands of Koh Samui Island to unwind. If you’re looking for something a little more than beach lounging, Yampu’s General Sale’s Manager, Karolina, and her family suggest exploring the caves of Phang Nga Bay via kayak.

Besides the endless beaches, fantastic food and thriving nightlife, Thailand is a geographically diverse destination that offers numerous trekking opportunities. One region, Doi Ang Khang, is prime for trekking with its cooler climate and numerous hiking trails along rice fields. The best time to visit is during the winter when the winter flora are abloom.




It is hard to rival the serene Galapagos Islands when it comes to unmissable beach destinations, especially in Ecuador. Visitors can enjoy each island of the archipelago with numerous island-hopping options aboard some rather luxurious, all-inclusive cruises.

If you can’t seem to find your sea legs, the Galapagos Safari Camp brings the excitement and comfort of African-style tented camps to the Galapagos, providing a unique vantage point of the islands that a cruise cannot supply on its own. Located on the same island as the tented camps is Tortuga Bay, where the seldomly seen beachgoers can appreciate the island’s nature while being shaded by the lush mangroves.

Something that many forget is that Ecuador has so much more to offer hidden on the mainland, 600 miles away from the Galapagos. Cotopaxi National Park is home to Ecuador’s most amazing hiking opportunities that cannot be missed if you’re an avid trekker.

If you’re still looking for wildlife experiences off of the Islands but don’t want to lace up any hiking boots the Napo wildlife Center supports an 82-square-mile private nature reserve on the northern edge of the Yasuni National Park, the largest tract of tropical rainforest in Ecuador. Here, visitors can appreciate the pristine forests and Ecuador’s mainland wildlife.




Located on the tropical belt on the far east coast of Africa, Tanzania is blessed with sunshine and balmy weather year-round. With temperatures hovering in the mid-eighties 365 days a year, Tanzania is a prime beach destination for those looking to lounge around and soak up some rays.

Just a hop and a skip from the mainland is Zanzibar Island. White sand beaches and the bluest waters greet weary safari goers who opted to pair beach escapes and game viewing.

Of course, A visit to Tanzania is incomplete without safari game drives through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. However, to experience the country’s wildlife in a more personal sense, visitors should ask their tour consultant to organize a guided hiking experience to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Just last summer, Yampu Travelers, Bob and Anne crossed Kilimanjaro off of their bucket list saying;

Our trip was fantastic! And everything seemed to go without a hitch.  Both Anne and I successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro without any altitude signs or symptoms; not even a headache…

With the help of our very own Tour Consultant Stephanie, the two added the mountain treck to their custom itinerary after an exhilarating safari.

Adding the post-climb safari was wonderful! And all of the upgrades were appreciated… Anne and I were very lucky to have the guides we had… Hillary and Musa were particularly excellent.  We probably were successful to summit because of these two excellent professionals.

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When you hear the mention of Malaysia the first thing that generally comes to mind are the iconic Petronas Twin Towers shimmering over the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Although the bustling city has so much to offer from exceptional culinary explorations to outlandish architecture and high-end, luxury experiences, sometimes an escape to the countryside is desired.

Head into the Cameron Highlands for a quaint welcome from local tea farmers before exploring the rolling, emerald hills. Once a destination for ostentatious Brits during the British Colonial period, the Cameron Highlands have long been sought out as a countryside escape. The lush, jungle laden hills and plateaus are crisscrossed with many hiking trails to enjoy during your travels.

Cross the south China sea to the Malaysian Borneo island for even more wildlife experiences with the opportunity to cross birds off your birdwatching list or to spot the adored Orangutan.

Consisting of two major portions within the South China Sea, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Malaysia with numerous islands dotting their coasts, one thing that Malaysia is not short on is beach options.

On the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is the secluded Redang beach. With very few Malaysians living on the island, you will have the area pretty much all to yourself. Known as a turtle sanctuary with turtles laying eggs on the island’s northern beaches, snorkeling is a must to admire the marine reptiles.


There’s no need to fret over choosing what you want to do during your travels! Simply let us know your dates of travel, budget, and interests and let us handle the rest. From the logistics of transfers and tours to accommodations and flights and so on, we will put together the perfect tailormade itinerary just for you.


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