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Raising a teenager is as easy as nailing Jell-O to a tree. Planning a vacation with teenagers, however, doesn’t have to be so tricky!

We all know that teenagers are not so easily amused nowadays, with social media and Fortnight taking precedence over family time, so it certainly takes some careful planning to appease their adolescent angst.

For a smooth family vacation that’ll appease these misunderstood creatures, all that is really needed is a fun-filled itinerary, lots of pool time, Wi-Fi at every hotel, and some small doses of “learning.”

Something to also note is that teenagers are more impressed if they recognize the destination. For example, every teen girl would love to walk the streets of Paris. Destinations with iconic monuments like Peru’s Machu Picchu, Greece’s Santorini, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, would all gain excitement and appreciation.

Many being parents of globetrotting teens themselves, our travel experts have compiled their choices for top trips with teens that will surely thrill every generation.


Active Argentina Tour for the Adventurous Family

Point of Interest; Iguazu Falls

With the different climates, from the Amazon to Patagonia, Argentina is the perfect destination for a good dose of adventure and culture. Our sample trip, Active Argentina for the Adventurous Family, provides the perfect balance of downtime and adventure while exploring the country from north to south. Get a taste of authentic Gaucho life before witnessing Iguazu Falls massive power followed by some glacier trekking.



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Epic Adventures in Colombia

Point of Interest; ADVENTURE!


Colombia is not at the top of any teenagers list but hear us out. Colombia is more than coffee and old buildings (note; pretending not to be completely infatuated with Bogota’s beautiful colonial style buildings and delicious coffee farmsteads pains us) and offers some of the best adventure activities in Latin America. White water rafting down the Fonce River, exploring ancient caves, abseiling in waterfalls and bathing in a volcano is just a small list of adrenaline pumping activities one can partake in.




Otaku Tour: Japanese Pop Culture Experience

Point of Interest; Pop Culture


Japan’s definitive contrast of seemingly untouched history and futuristic utopias makes it a unique destination for multigen travels. The birthplace of Hello Kitty and Pikachu, Yampu’s Otaku Tour: Japanese Pop Culture Experience touches on modern cultural icons that kids of all ages will recognize with a generous dose of traditional Japan. Become immersed in modern-day Japan with stops at the famous Pokemon Center and the famed Studio Ghibli Museum. Add a touch of learning with traditional tea ceremonies and samurai sword-wielding among other entertainingly informative experiences.



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Live and Breathe Peru: An Authentic Exploration

Big Point of Interest; Machu Picchu

Congratulate Your Grad with the Gift of Travel Machu Picchu Peru Tours

Peru’s most popular tourist attraction and one of South America’s most prominent sites, Machu Picchu is a bucket list item for all travelers of every age. Whether one chooses to take one of the luxury train options to its base or to trek to the 4-day Inca Trail, the visit will be one to remember for a lifetime.   Aside from visiting Machu Picchu, families can opt for numerous add-ons, including interacting with the Huilloc community and working with local school children.



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South African Safari and Victoria Falls

Big Point of Interest; Viktoria Falls and Safaris


With scenes straight out of National Geographic, Southern Africa is well known for its abundance of big game, out of this world luxury lodges and glamping experiences. Aside from seeing wild elephants at a trunk’s reach away, families can take advantage of the excellent amenities at numerous lodges while hopping from park to park through Africa’s wild plains. Game viewing for an entire trip can, of course, get rather tiring, no matter how posh accommodations may be, so a quick side trip to Victoria Falls provides a fantastic change of scenery. If you happen to be visiting during the dry season, daredevils can take a peek over the fall’s edge from the famous Devil’s Pool. (warning, although the tour is very safe with experienced guides, faint of heart mothers may want to look away!)



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