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Now that 2021 is said and done, we welcome the new in 2022! As the saying goes, “New Year, New Destination.” Okay, that might not be the actual saying, but we believe you deserve to travel somewhere new in 2022!

So get inspired and take a look at Yampu Tours’ Top Travel Destinations to Book in the New Year with some of Yampu Tour’s newest destinations, top-selling regions, and travel expert picks below…


The Yampu Classics


Voted as Mexico & Central America’s Leading Tour Operator in 2021, you can trust that Yampu Tours’ travel experts know the perfect experiences that are rich in culture, history, and nature within Central America. Travelers can experience the dense ecosystem of Costa Rica’s rainforest while watching for the colorful Macaw or visit the locals at the markets in the highlands of Guatemala. A Cruise through the Panama Canal or discovering the rich marine life along the Barrier Reef in Belize are must-have experiences. Hike Nicaragua’s Mombacho Volcano and relax in hot springs while exploring the land of lakes; or take in the vibrant nightlife and arts scene of San Salvador, with its dramatic backdrop of volcanoes. Roll cigars and visit ancient Maya ruins in Honduras or take in all the sites with an Ultimate Central American Vacation. Whatever your interest, Yampu will design the trip of a lifetime.




We hate to lump together such an array of stunning destinations, but there are so many South American countries that are worth mentioning. If you’re like us and can’t choose just one, you can easily work with your tour consultant to create a custom multi-country itinerary that fits all of your travel tastes and needs.  We of course highly recommend a visit to Peru, whether it’s your first trip to the land of the Incas or a return voyage to see sites you may have missed the last time.



Having offered experiences to Africa for nearly twenty years, the continent is not only one of the top destinations to book in the new year, but is easily one of our top destinations of all time. No, not just Botswana or Tanzania, but Africa. All of it.

From watching the sun set over the wild plains of the Serengeti and checking off the famed pyramids of Egypt to tasting unique Moroccan flavors and learning why the people of the Mursi tribe adorn themselves with large lip plates, Africa offers experiences straight out of a National Geographic magazine. With vast open wildlife far away from the crowded cities a game safari while staying at one of our remote-luxury lodges will put you front and center of the stunning animals who call Africa home

Whether you want to spot the big-5 or taste your way through the Winelands of Cape Town or even a combination of the two and then some, we have you covered.


New and Popular


With International travel being rather limited last year, our travel experts began looking in their own back yard for a taste of adventure with plenty of space to social distance while still itching that travel bug. From witnessing some of the oldest and largest living beings on earth at Sequoia National Park, to visiting where the buffalo roam in Yellowstone, the United States’ National Parks offer endless outdoor adventures. The short domestic flights make traveling a breeze, but if you want to see Americana in all its glory, a comfortable road trip can be easily organized.



Rising from the cold depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses in the world’s history. Created from the most active volcanoes in the world and carved by the largest glaciers in Europe, the Nordic island nation rightfully earned the epic title of “Land of Fire and Ice”. Also referred to as the land of light and darkness (an equally impressive appellation), Iceland’s long summer days that provide up to 24 hours of sunshine contrast with the few hours of winter daylight. These long winter evenings are what draw many of Iceland’s visitors to its frigid shores to spectate the stunning Northern Lights. No matter the time of year, Iceland is sure to offer unique experiences for travelers including trekking its pristine landscapes, soaking in its geothermal pools, admiring the local wildlife, and tasting its unique cuisine (fermented shark, anyone?).



One of the latest and most requested destinations on our list needs no introduction.

Often referred to as “The Boot,” thanks to its geographical shape that resembles a high heel, Italy is arguably the capital of fashion, cuisine, art, and history of the western world. Once encompassing much of Europe, the middle east, and northern Africa, the birth of the great Roman empire spread western knowledge, culture, and religion through its reaches. Along with a fascinating history, Italy is also well known for its gastronomy. Foodies and culinary artists flock from all regions of the world to experience the love and devotion that is put into the famed cuisine.

For those who have yet to experience the beauty of Italy, a voyage through Rome, Florence, and Venice is an essential introduction to the Italian Classics. For returning visitors, we highly recommend soaking in some of the region’s most scenic views while Exploring Coastal Italy, including Naples & Amalfi.

From the verdant valleys of Tuscany to the iconic sites of Rome and the delicious Mediterranean flavors of Sicily, Italy is the epitome of experiential travel.



Another destination that has recently been added to our expansive portfolio, Scandinavia is a unique region of jaw-dropping scenery. With breathtaking fjords, colossal mountains, and overtly welcoming locals, visitors will see exactly what makes Scandinavia so uniquely Scandinavian.

Not to be confused with the Nordic and Baltic regions, the Scandinavian Peninsula is shared by Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Whether you decide to try your hand at dog sledding in Tromsø in Northern Norway or to learn of the Finnish sauna Etiquette in Helsinki, Scandinavia offers endless experiences. From cycling Copenhagen, one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world to savoring traditional Swedish dishes in Stockholm, the choice is yours.



Neighboring Italy, sharing a maritime border across the Adriatic Sea, is the island speckled shoreline of Croatia. Crystal clear waters complement the delightful Mediterranean climate and idyllic beaches of Croatia while stark mountains of the Dinaric Range rise in the distance. Moving inland, visitors are welcomed by rolling fields of verdant farmland that produce delectable ingredients that are used in signature dishes. With food playing an important role in Croatia’s culture, visitors will be welcomed by locals with full plates and ever-flowing wine glasses. Though the country is beginning to grow as Europe’s holiday destination, Croatia is still regarded as a hidden gem that is not overrun by tourists, offering genuine experiences throughout the country.



Destinations to Book in the New Year

Renowned worldwide for its vast, pristine landscape, Canada is the second-largest country in the world, spanning 6,521 Kilometers (That’s 4,025 miles for those still on the imperial system) from coast to coast with over 43 national parks in between, covering 224,466 square Kilometers (139477 mi²). Canada is divided into 13 provinces, grouped into seven large regions, each distinct with its own culture, landscapes cuisines, and even languages. Though most speak English throughout Canada, the province of Quebec prides itself on its francophone dialect, hosting the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, Montréal. Along with cultural melting pots such as Ottawa and Toronto, Canada’s untouched parks, such as the stunning Banff National Park, are what draw many of its visitors.


Have any of these destinations made it onto your travel list for the new year? Let us know in the comments where you plan on traveling to in 2022!

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