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The “Cementerio Central” in Bogota – History and Myth


In the year 1836 the cemetery of Bogota was established in the outskirts of Bogota. Yampu recommends a visit to the Central Cemetery as essential if you want a deep understanding of the country and the Colombian culture. It  is a place of history and religion, a place of magic, miracles and faith.

golden-statue-webHere lie the remains of many important figures from Colombian history: Presidents and revolutionaries, generals and guerilla-leaders, presidential candidates who were killed by Pablo Escobar, poets and scientists. It is surprising to see the cultural blend in: Historic facts mix up with myths, catholic faith, superstition and witchcraft. One of the “must dos” is the visit of the tomb of Leo Kopp, a Jewish-German businessman who emigrated from Germany to Colombia to found Bavaria – nowadays the biggest brewery in Colombia.

Every day many people come to visit his golden statue to whisper their wishes into his left ear. Leo Kopp is known and respected for his financial success and care for his employees. Make your wish come true …


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