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Conservation is one of the things that we are the most enthusiastic about here at Yampu. With that, we are very excited to hear that one of our top destinations will be adding two new national parks to their extensive list! You know, just in case you needed even more reasons to visit Chile…

In the rugged wilderness of Chile, located in between the Southern Lake District and Carretera Austral, is the latest National park to be added to the family, Pumalin Park – Douglas R. Tompkins. Named after the late American ecologist whose wife donated the privately-owned property, Pumalín National Park adds 402.392 hectares of protected land in an effort to further conserve the pristine wildlife of the region.

Parque Nacional Melimoyu, located further south, is the second newly added park extension which encloses a large expanse of coastal areas that serve as shelter to many marine species such as whales and dolphins.

Thanks to this historic private land donation, Chile has received nearly 10 million acres of parkland in total! With these two additions, 20.2% of the National Territory is now labeled as protected area which gives us further hope for the future generations of world explorers.




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