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Join us as we follow the footsteps of Jose and Monica Irauzqui, the President and Vice President of Yampu Tours, on their recent journey through Peru. Having been to Peru numerous times they focused on new experiences and visiting new hotel offerings.  

The trip, filled with vibrant cities, historical sites, and breathtaking landscapes, showcases the meticulously planned experiences Yampu Tours offers its travelers. Here’s a detailed account of their Peruvian adventure. 

Day 1: Discovering Lima 



The adventure began in Lima with a city tour that highlighted key historical sites and the vibrant energy of the capital. Jose and Monica explored the city, culminating their journey at a rendezvous point for a culinary walking tour in the district of Barranco that offered an immersive experience into Lima’s celebrated culinary scene, renowned for its fusion of flavors and innovative dishes.  



Peruvian cuisine is famous for its diverse ingredients and unique blend of indigenous, Spanish, African, and Asian influences. Among the most famous dishes in Lima are ceviche, a refreshing mix of raw fish marinated in citrus juices; lomo saltado, a savory stir-fry combining beef, tomatoes, onions, and fries; and causa, a layered dish featuring mashed potatoes, avocado, and various fillings. 

Day 2: From Lima to Arequipa 


In the morning, they were transferred from their hotel to Lima Airport for their flight to Arequipa.  

Upon arrival in Arequipa, they were taken to the luxurious Cirqa hotel, where they settled in before heading to the renowned Zig Zag Restaurant for a delightful lunch. 



The afternoon featured a guided tour of the Juanita Museum, providing fascinating insights into local history and culture. The day concluded with an exquisite dinner and comfortable accommodation back at Cirqa, ensuring a perfect end to a memorable day.

Day 3: Into the Colca Valley 


Today, they journeyed to Puqio in the heart of the Colca Valley, a region renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Their itinerary featured bespoke tours, giving them the opportunity to delve into the valley’s natural wonders and historical treasures. This evening, they went on an exhilarating ATV ride, adding an adventurous twist to their exploration. 


After a day of discovery, they settled in for an overnight stay in Puqio, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Andean highlands. Dinner was a culinary delight, featuring family-style meals crafted using traditional methods and the freshest local produce. This is farm-to-table dining, Andean style.


Day 4: Exploring Colca 

 The day was fully dedicated to a series of personalized tours arranged by Yampu Tours. They visited the breathtaking Colca Canyon to witness the majestic condors in their natural habitat. Along the way, they explored several beautiful sites and even stumbled upon a vibrant street festival, adding a delightful cultural experience to their journey. 



Jose and Monica delved further into the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural sites of the Colca Valley, including visits to the ancient ruins of Uyo Uyo, the colonial-era churches in Yanque and Lari, and the vibrant local markets.  



Their day concluded with another overnight stay in Puqio.


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Day 5: Return to Arequipa 

In the morning, they returned to Cirqa in Arequipa. Upon arrival, they visited the Santa Catalina Convent, a stunning complex known for its vibrant colors, intricate architecture, and serene courtyards. 



After exploring the convent, they were transferred to their hotel, eagerly anticipating the adventures that awaited them the following day.

Day 6: From Arequipa to Cusco 



Today, they embarked on their journey to Cusco. Upon arrival, their exploration continued into the Sacred Valley. They ventured through Chinchero and Ollantaytambo, pausing to indulge in an authentic Peruvian homemade meal at Hacienda Huayoccari. Here, amidst colonial carvings and crosses adorning the walls of a private room or surrounded by colonial glazed ceramic jars and plates in the great room, they savored the flavors of Peru. With vast windows framing views of the garden and the picturesque Urquillos ravine, the experience was truly immersive. 



Their day concluded with an enlightening briefing on the Inca Trail at the Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, adding depth to their understanding of the region’s rich history and culture.

Day 7: The Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu 

Today, Jose and Monica embarked on their journey to the train station bound for Aguas Calientes.  

While Jose commenced his exhilarating 1-day Inca Trail expedition, complete with transfers, a knowledgeable guide, entrance passes, and train tickets, you can catch glimpses of his expedition on Instagram at @irauzqui.curated 



Monica opted to delve into the wonders of Huchuy Picchu.  

After a delightful lunch at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Monica indulged in an afternoon exploration of the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu.  


As night descended, both travelers found solace in Aguas Calientes, with Jose nestled in the comforts of Sumaq Hotel and Monica embraced by the serene ambiance of Inkaterra Mapi Pueblo. They chose to stay at both accommodations to ensure they experienced the highest quality and standards during their trip.


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Day 8: Machu Picchu Marvels 

In the morning, they boarded a bus bound for Machu Picchu.  




Monica took on the trails of Machu Picchu Mountain, while Jose chose Circuit 3 to explore the ancient site. There are several circuits at Machu Picchu to choose from, so it’s best to plan ahead since tickets sell out quickly. Check out the circuit details below: 

  • Circuit 1: This short circuit starts at the entrance, passes agricultural terraces, the Guardian Hut, and crosses to the Sun Gate. You’ll visit the Temple of the Sun, the Hall of Mirrors, and then return to the lower section to exit. 
  • Circuit 2: This long route covers the upper citadel, overlapping with Circuit 1 until the Temple of the Sun. Then, it goes to the Sacred Plaza, Intihuatana pyramid, Sacred Rock, Three Gates, Hall of Mirrors, and Temple of the Condor. It’s the most comprehensive route. 
  • Circuit 3: The shortest route, focusing on the lower citadel. It crosses agricultural terraces, visits the Temple of the Sun, House of the Inca, and ends at the Hall of Mirrors. Ideal for those with low mobility or with tickets including Machu Picchu Mountain access. 
  • Circuit 4: Similar to Circuit 3, this long route also covers the lower citadel and goes up to the Sacred Plaza, House of the Inca, Sacred Rock, Three Gates, Hall of Mirrors, and Temple of the Condor. Available only with Huayna Picchu Mountain access. 




Their return journey to Ollanta station was aboard the train, before transferring back to Cusco. The day concluded with a memorable dinner at Morena Peruvian Kitchen, followed by a restful night’s stay at Belmond Monasterio.


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Day 9: Cultural Cusco 



Today, they set out on a personalized half-day exploration of Cusco, immersing themselves in the historical wonders of Sacsayhuaman, the grandeur of the Cathedral, and the spiritual ambiance of Coricancha. Amidst the cobblestone streets, they indulged in a delightful lunch experience at Calle del Medio. 



With the afternoon stretching ahead, they have the freedom to further explore at their own pace, allowing for serendipitous discoveries and cherished moments in this enchanting city. Cusco is also known for its vibrant shopping scene, offering a variety of local crafts, textiles, and souvenirs. The bustling markets and charming boutiques provide ample opportunities to find unique treasures, from intricate handmade jewelry to beautifully woven alpaca garments.

Day 10: Farewell to Peru 

Today marks the culmination of their unforgettable Peruvian adventure as they bid farewell to their Cusco hotel and head to the airport for their flight to Panama. 

Book Your Peruvian Adventure with Yampu Tours 

Jose and Monica’s detailed itinerary through Peru highlights the expertly crafted and personalized experiences Yampu Tours offers. From vibrant cities and cultural landmarks to breathtaking natural beauty, their journey showcases the best of Peru.  

Ready to create your own unforgettable adventure? Book your trip to Peru with Yampu Tours today and explore the magic of this incredible country. 


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