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On August 15th, the Ecuadorian government’s Emergency Operations Committee published a new protocol concerning entry into the country. It aims to reactivate the tourism sector while ensuring the safety of both Ecuador’s citizens and foreign visitors.

Previously, Ecuador had required visitors to present a negative PCR test and to quarantine for 14-days once in the country.  As of August 14th, the two-week quarantine has been lifted to all travelers who present a negative PCR test 10 days prior to travel.

The president and CEO of the Quito Airport, Andrew O’Brian stated:

“This decision will allow us to start the reactivation of tourism in the country and increase passenger traffic and air transport service. The sanitary measures implemented at the airports have proven their effectiveness and, with a negative result of a PCR test, people entering the country will be able to carry out their activities without inconvenience. Without a doubt, it is a great step forward to continue working to overcome the economic crisis ”

You can read the Ministry of Tourism’s Official Statement on their website and below;


Ecuador Country Access Requirements


Identity document (VALID PASSPORT AT LEAST 6 MONTHS from the date of the trip to Ecuador).

Negative result of an RT-PCR test performed up to 10 DAYS prior to arrival Ecuador. The tests carried out in the origin country must be from a laboratory recognized by their governments.

If passengers arrive in Ecuador without a PCR- test, the traveler must be tested and comply with the obligatory preventive isolation, according to the operational guidelines established by the Sanitary Authority, for a period of fourteen (14) days. The count of obligatory preventive isolation days is from entering the country (13 nights 14 days) before continuing the trip. All costs of transportation, accommodation, and food must be covered by travelers.

Passengers must fill out and sign, prior to disembarking, the Traveler’s Health Record, which will be delivered to the staff of the Ministry of Public Health who upon arrival will be in charge of the respective medical evaluation.

 Upon entering the country, passengers must sign a commitment letter (Special Immigration Form), through which they commit to abide by the provisions established by the authorities and comply with the mandatory preventive isolation. Passengers must deliver the aforementioned document to the immigration authority upon entering the country. 

 The use of a mask in public spaces and social distancing is mandatory. We consider masks a personal item bring as many as you like and feel comfortable and safe with.


Negative result of an RT-PCR test performed up to 10 DAYS prior to arrival Ecuador.

All tourists must fill out the Traveler’s Health Declaration Form in order to identify the place of their stay in mainland Ecuador. This document will be delivered upon arrival in the country.

If the passenger has a negative PCR test upon arrival in the country but shows symptoms of COVID-19, preventive isolation is required and they will not be able to continue with the trip.

Our guide and private transportation will be waiting for you outside (following biosafety protocols at all times). Transfer to your hotel.


All tourists must fill out the Traveler’s Health Declaration Form in order to identify the place of their stay in mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos. This document will be delivered upon arrival in the country.

A new RT-PCR test is required at their cost (100 USD-200 USD approximately). The sample is taken at the hotel. Results are sent by e-mail during the next 48 hours. Tour Operator will assist, coordinating the process with the passenger and the private laboratory.

Passenger can be transferred to the accommodation previously reserved,  for at least 3 nights, until having the result of the local test. The accommodation in mainland Ecuador will have to be taken in the urban centers of arrival or in towns in rural areas.


Negative Result of the local PCR test taken 96 hours before (test is not required for minors)

Travel Insurance

Confirmed Services

Special MINTUR pass (Tour Operator will coordinate)

Round trip Galapagos flight ticket

Transit control card issued by the Galapagos Government. (It is recommended to have this issued in advance through the tour operator)

Traveler Health Declaration Form already filled when arriving in Ecuador

If the result is positive you will have to accomplish a 14-day quarantine, following the Ministry of Health Protocols, and will not be able to travel to Galapagos.


Registration in the airline counter is mandatory, even if you have a boarding pass issued and without luggage to check-in.  Symptoms will also be checked. 

Go to the Consejo de Gobierno de Galapagos counter, to show your pass and your Transit Control Card.

Next, Luggage control and scan for introduced species.

Register at the airline counter and present the negative test result RT-PCR carried out up to 96 hours before entering the province. 

Boarding and flight to Galapagos.


Due to the length of the migratory line to register your visit to the Islands, we strongly encourage you to book our VIP services.

Pay the Galapagos National Park entrance fee, book it in advance with us.

Pick up your luggage

Our team will be here to greet you.


From June 1, operations will be restored at the country’s airports with a limited capacity of weekly flight frequencies.

More information about the resumption date of each airline and recommendations for the traveler in the following link


Since July 1st, the National Parks are open to the public (except Yasuni) including the Galapagos Islands. Also Protected Areas, Archaeological and Zoological Sites.

Since August 5th, Reopening of some beaches.

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