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Experience Egypt with Complimentary Experiences in September!


Add these free tours in Egypt to your custom Itinerary!

With cultural similarities to Middle Eastern destinations, not to mention being located within a continent known for its wildlife and big game experiences, Egypt is a destination like no other!

The country has seen its ups and downs politically but is regaining popularity in recent years within the world of tourism. Home to the famous Pyramids of Giza and the world-renown Sphinx, Egypt is a treasure trove for ancient history and the major focus of archaeological study of ancient ruins.

During the month of September, all Egypt bookings with a departure date by April 2020 will receive the choice between multiple complimentary excursions!

These experiential Egypt tours can even be combined with unforgettable safaris throughout Africa.

Take a look at the offers below!


Free hot air Balloon trip in Luxor

This is a unique experience to gently drift over some of the most magnificent examples of architecture from the ancient world.  See the temple complex of Queen Hatshepsut on the West Bank, the Nile, and the ancient city of Luxor on the East Bank, all from an incredible aerial vantage point.


Free Belly dancing class

After a day of touring, cap the day off with a belly dancing class with some of areas expert belly dancers.

Belly dancing is very inclusive of size and of all different ages! Take on easy, step-by-step instructions, dance practice, and everything you want to know about belly dancing with your private trainer.


Cooking class with real Family house in Nubian Village

Seeing the Nubian culture ‘up close and personal’ is a lovely experience with the village’s uniquely colorful painted houses and happy people. During the visit to Nubian Village, enjoy henna tattooing before a cooking class at a local family’s house. Learn everything about Nubian food while you prepare a traditional meal for lunch with the help of our generous, friendly family.


Camel ride at the pyramids

After breakfast, ride across the desert aboard some friendly camels with the great pyramids towering in the distance. While taking in the desert heat atop your trusty camelid, witness the magnificence of the Pyramids of Giza as well as the great Sphynx.


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