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We love our Yampu Travelers and are always incredibly happy to assist return explorers year after year to find new and exciting experiences!

Paul and Joe Franzetti, a dynamic father-son creative duo, have traveled with us on numerous occasions to create gorgeous works of art to benefit those in need. After meeting Yampu’s Cofounder, Monica on a trip in search of elusive pumas for their artworks, the Franzettis have entrusted her and the Yampu team to assist them with discovering new inspiration around the globe.

Just recently, the Franzettis took an unbelievable trip to Alaska for their next art project and had an experience of a lifetime! See what they had to say about their adventure below…


Yampu booked our trip to Alaska recently and they deserve a five-star rating. Monica took a special interest in my son and me. She knew that we needed the best scenery that Alaska could give and the best chances for animal viewing, particularly the giant Kodiak bears. From the first phone call to the last, Monica began doing her homework. The result was a splendid experience, without a glitch.

All the transfers, private tours, and guides worked out to our complete satisfaction. Monica was hands-on before the trip as well as during the trip. She fine tuned every aspect. Any question or situation, she was a phone call away, even if it was her dinner time. She looked at our trip requirements and was constantly involved in the process of squaring the details before we were even on the first plane. She was also more concerned with our “food” situation than we were, often suggesting or booking new places while we were on tour. She treated us like family and tailored the travel experience to our needs.

She researched everything, made decisions, checked back with us, even altered things when the weather did not cooperate. We couldn’t have asked for better management and all the excursions gave us memories—and more importantly for our art calendar—photographs. The final validation should come not from us but from people in Alaska. This is what we heard: “Your travel agent kept calling to get this done”; “your travel agent really fought for you to get this”; or “you can thank your agent for this!”

Thank you, Monica and the Yampu team.


Paul & Joe Franzetti


Thank you, Paul and Joe, for being such inspirational adventurers and trusting our team to provide you with such eye-opening, wild voyages! We can’t wait to show you more of our beautiful world.


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