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Featured Testimonial “I highly recommend this company to all travelers”


Especially during trying times, Yampu’s travel experts are always looking out for our travelers to ensure that their experiences go beyond expectations. Read below how Yampu Tours Cofounder, Jose ‘Bulldog’ Irauzqui continues to assist Yampu Travelers during the time of COVID19.


I am extremely thankful that when I was having multiple problems trying to establish a travel insurance claim and refund for the money I lost during Covid19 cancellation. The owner of the company stepped in to help me. Jose Irauzqui jumped in to represent me and he was tenacious and he quickly earned the nickname of Bulldog. He was able to get me the refund for myself and a traveling partner. I have traveled with Yampu before to Bhutan and India and was guided by Stephanie Rudolph. I used to joke with my friends that if I could only run my business as well as this company did, I would be a millionaire many times over. The trip was fantastic and I highly recommend this company to all travelers. Thank you, Mary M.


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