Featured Testimonial: "I was very happy with this trip" Travel During COVID | Yampu Tours

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Featured Testimonial: “I was very happy with this trip” Travel During COVID


Yampu Traveler, Harriet recently returned from a safe and exciting Yampu adventure that she embarked on in December. Its safe to say that she was very satisfied with her experience!


Yampu Tours helped me plan my trip to the Galapagos in December 2020 (yes, during COVID 19). They not only knew what to ask about but also helped me decide that I wanted to be on a boat, rather than on land with day trips. They were exactly right. The team did a great job with all of my arrangements, such as hotels in Quito, itinerary changes because of flight changes, and guides. I was very happy with this trip.


Thank you so much Harriet for taking the time to let us know how we are doing! We are so happy you enjoyed your voyage and entrusted us with your trip during this strange time. We look forward to traveling with you again soon!


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