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I would not hesitate to recommend Yampu Tours… You will be in great hands!


We love hearing from our travelers and travel agents! Travel Advisor Valarie, recently worked with Yampu Tours’ Jose Irauzqui on curating a delightful adventure through Ecuador;

“Jose put together a package that included 3 days of tours and 2 nights in the highlands of Ecuador with a private guide and driver for our private group of 6. Everything was spectacular. We had amazing hikes around Cotopaxi, Quilotoa and Banos and our guide was very knowledgeable regarding the landscape, helped with a pharmacy stop, as well as dinner reservations while in Quito. The lunch spots they chose were also very tasty and I cannot say enough about how friendly and accommodating everyone was at the two Haciendas that were chosen for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Yampu tours to travelers as well as travel advisors. Our company will be using them again next month in Ecuador and I am looking into even more adventures with this company. You will be in great hands!”

Thank you, Valarie for sharing your experience as a travel advisor with Yampu Tours! We are excited to help plan you and your clients’ next custom voyage.


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