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“I would wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend Yampu Tours”


Traveling with the family can be a handful and at times may make you wonder if the stress of planning and organizing is worth it!

With a family oriented staff, we know how stressful it can be to organize a family trip abroad. From making sure everyone’s needs and wants are met, to booking hotels, tours, and flights to researching required documents and vaccinations, it can all seem very daunting.

Lucky for you *straps on super cape* this is when Yampu comes to the rescue!  Just ask Ron and his family and check out their photos from their experience below…

Our family of four just returned from a two-week excursion in Peru. We traveled to Lima, the Peruvian Rainforest, Cusco, Urubamba, Machu Picchu and Puno/Lake Titicaca. We stayed in five different amazing hotels during our stay. Our tour operator, Yampu Tours did an exceptional job organizing the trip. We had an incredibly knowledgeable guide with us every step of way meeting us at our hotel managing our domestic air, bus and train transportation in Peru. Every guide was extremely knowledgeable about the sites/attractions. At no point did we ever get lost, feel rushed or left to our own devices (we do not speak Spanish… but we tried). This was easily one of the most carefree/safe trips with lots of adventures along the way. Lima is a city full of culinary delights, the biodiversity of the rainforest was incredible and visiting Cusco, the ancient Inca ruins, indigenous cultures of Puno, and Peruvian people, in general, was a life rewarding experience. I would wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend Yampu Tours (without reservation) for individuals and families alike for any travel considerations to Peru.

– Ron C. from his family adventure to Peru, June, 2018

When planning a trip abroad with Yampu, worries and stress will melt away while our experienced Tour Consultants work with you to make sure every detail is planned accordingly.

Our Travel Consultants know the perfect amount of exploration and downtime for every age, the best family-oriented accommodations, and exhilarating tours to appease everyone.

You shouldn’t be worrying more while traveling, you should be making those lifelong memories and experiencing more!

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