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Mardi Gras, which falls on March 8, is quickly approaching and New Orleans is not the only city preparing to celebrate.

In Brazil, Mardi Gras marks the last day of one of the largest and most popular festivals in Latin America: Carnival.  Carnivals are deeply imbedded traditions in the regional culture occurring in several different countries including: Brazil, Belize, Peru, and Colombia.  The two week long religious galas commemorate the coming of Lent and are marked with animated dancing, nightly parades, street performances, bright costumes, and lively music.


Other popular Latin American carnivals include Salvador de Bahia and Ouro Preto, both are beautiful and great alternatives to the large carnival in Rio, Brazil.

Carnivals are not the only Latin American holidays.  Inti Raymi in Peru, which is the Peruvian Festival of the Sun, occurs annually in Cuzco on June 24th marking the winter solstice.  The dances, performances, and livelihoods of this festival act to honor the Sun and its God Wiracocha.

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In Guatemala during Holy Week, or Semana Santa, the city becomes alive with beauty and color in observation of the Catholic religion.  The streets are decorated with bright flowers, pines, clovers, and fruits as people adorned in purple robes carry images of Jesus and the Holy Virgin of Sorrow.  The dramatic beauty of this festival is further amplified by its surroundings with the scenic beauty of Lake Atitlan and the world renowned Chichicastenango market.

Festivals are an exciting and once in a life time opportunity for travelers to thoroughly embed themselves into local culture and participate directly with locals as they celebrate their life and religion.  Yampu is able to design personalized itineraries that incorporate these festivals, whether a client prefers a smaller festival or a large carnival like Rio in Brazil, we are able to accommodate your needs and make sure you experience the festivities with a local guide who can elaborate on all the excitement and activity.


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