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I experienced some of the best parts of Peru and Argentina, including the glaciers in the Argentina side of Patagonia. Ahead of me awaited one of the most coveted destinations in South America: Chile. Chile is known for its vastly diverse landscapes, it’s delicious wine, great skiing and of course the beautiful Chilean side of Patagonia. It really makes sense to see Patagonia in Argentina and Chile because they both have so much to offer, and they are so close. I started with a bus ride from Calafate over the Chilean border and into Torres del Paine.


Upon arrival, I checked into Patagonia Camp located just outside Torres del Paine- a lovely, remote location. Throughout your stay here you have the option to partake in wide variety of activities and excursions at virtually any level of difficulty that you prefer. The stay alone is an incredible experience because it is basically luxury glamping (glamorous camping; see here). In this stylish, adventurous lodging you stay in a furnished yurt. It is a wonderful place to connect with other travelers at it is set up with community atmosphere in mind. Upon arrival I spent my evening at leisure, mostly enjoying coming up with great yurt puns. Now yurt talking!


The next day I traveled about an hour and a half from Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales and checked into Costaustralis for a day at leisure. In the morning, I toured the Milodon Caves where the remains of several extinct species of animals and some ancient human remains were found. Some of animals are estimated to have last been alive more than 10,000 years ago. Some theories as to why the caves were home to so many creatures of the past include that humans used to corner animals there to hunt, but no one really knows for sure. Today, the cave is home to a monument of a mylodon.


My next adventure was to Santiago where I visited wineries in Casablanca Valley including Emiliana, Matetic, and Casas del Bosque. The wine was delicious and the vineyards have implemented some interesting ways of running sustainably for the benefit of the environment, the communities, and the flavors of the wines. Afterwards, I enjoyed a tour of colorful Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, which are a little less than an hour from the valley, adding the reasons why you must go there! This was a nice break before I headed to Santa Cruz. On the way there I stopped in Colchagua Valley for a delicious dinner at Neyen Vineyard. I spent the night at Hotel Santa Cruz, and spent my last day in Chile enjoying a winery tour of Viu Manent in the Colchagua Valley and returning to Santiago for a city tour and my flight home.


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