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Pan-Asian Cuisine


Across Asia there are beautiful, incredibly delicious, and sometimes strange culinary delights that have been acclaimed since the earliest days of the spice trade. Pan-Asian cuisine is inclusive of the diverse flavors of all of Asia’s nations. Learn about some of the unique and famous aspects of this cuisine below and keep an eye out for the scoop on other Asian countries’ famous foods!


China’s Culinary Districts

China is known for its eight great culinary regions and flavors including sweet Cantonese food, hot and spicy Sichuan, Shandong seafood, Fujian soups and seafood, gourmet Jiangsu sweet and sour spareribs on other aromatic flavors, Zhejiang’s crispy raw dishes, hot and sour Hunan, and hearty Anhui cuisine using wild ingredients.


Japan’s Famous Noodle Dish

Ahhh…. traditional ramen! Dig into its light yet rich broth, soft slurp-able noodles, crisp fresh vegetables and tender meats. Becoming a ramen master in Japan is a serious commitment- there are academies dedicated to the art of making ramen and every region of the country has its own take. Don’t miss a chance to try this magical, delicious dish that balances flavors and textures with the utmost precision.

Combine this traditional artistry and culinary perfection with a sake tasting experience (not for the faint of heart!) and let the flavors of Japan come alive. Let our expert Japan tour consultant customize a tour for you with recommendations on culinary adventures that will give you an out-of-body experience! But of course! Let’s not forget about sushi, which goes without saying ;)!


Last year, The Telegraph declared Hanoi to be the best city in the world for food. Traditional dishes such as bun cha, delicious pork dishes, egg coffee and noodle soups display the city’s culinary excellence and understanding for the delicate balance of flavors. For more on Vietnamese dishes and the best place to eat good food in Vietnam (Hint: street vendors!) check out this piece by The Telegraph.

Barack Obama and international food connoisseur, Anthony Bourdain were spotted enjoying a cheap, but delicious meal of noodles together in Hanoi, so it’s a presidential and food-critic status of good. The meal shared between the two was featured on Bourdain’s show, Parts Unknown, in September 2016.


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