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I had the most wonderful time in Saigon. It’s been a photographer’s dream. Things to look at and do at every turn. And, of course, I got snap happy so I’ve got a few photos to share.

I went on a similar tour with Barry Cheeseman a couple of years back and I was pretty familiar with the drill. Long, the same guide we had the last time I visited, was at the airport to pick me up. The drive back to the hotel was as eye-opening as my last trip and it was simply wonderful.

I arrived in Saigon before the rest of the group so I had the day to myself. I went for a walk in the park. Literally. There is a park across the road from the hotel and it is so full of life that it’s a joy to sit back and watch. People are out walking, jogging, riding their scooters, courting, exercising – in fact, living their lives in public.

I sat in the park for a while before I headed off to the Binh Thanh markets but I never made it there. I got sidetracked to the local bus station and had a dandy old time keeping an eye (and a camera) on what was happening.

The rest of the group arrived just after dinner. That was the start of a couple of hectic days.

A hallway in the Reunification Palace.
A child’s drawing displayed at the War Museum.
Doing her homework on the streets.
The park across the road. All of the trees are numbered.
I sat on one of the benches for a
while hoping that the little birds
would get used to me and return.
Instead, I had a visit from this
little chap.


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