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Talking During Movies: Ramen Girl


Yampu Cofounder, Monica Irauzqui finds herself reminiscing about her explorations of Japan while talking during the movie Ramen Girl with podcaster Jason Jepson.

In Episode 171 of Talking During Movies, Monica and Jason talk about the nuance of travel and her experiences traveling abroad, including a ramen making class in Kyoto, Japan. Reminiscing about her time learning about the complex craft of Japanese ramen making, Monica delves into the world of foodie tourism, how gastronomic experiences while traveling have shaped her life, and how she and Yampu Tours craft delectable adventures for their clients.

Listen to the full episode below!

Episode Highlights;

  • Foodie experiences and world chef secrets
  • Predictions for travel in 2021
  • How to enjoy wild adventures safely
  • How to turn a passion for travel into a career
  • Why travelers need Yampu for luxury trips (@1:02- 1:11:08)
  • Why people love or hate visiting India
  • Jason is scared of snakes and sharks and we both share some travel terror stories, cobras chasing guinea pig
  • Traveling with teens without a fear mechanism
  • The culture and food scene in Japan and how the chefs compare to artists
  • The secrets of the Ramen Broth and Monicas secret ingredient
  • Miners Bar, Monica’s favorite bar in Cooke city with awesome pizza and good food
  • Mint Cafe in Townsend Montana
  • Moose’s Saloon Restaurant in Kalispell, MT

And much much more!


About the podcast: We drink. We talk. We movie.


About the host: Jason Jepson is a paradigm shifter – coffee trailblazer – certified 80’s movie buff – beer evangelist – wanna be pizza ninja and so much more … When not in Austin you can find Jason speaking on technology and communications or taking the podcast on the road to find new and interesting people.

More about Ramen Girl: Like a fish out of water, Abby, an American girl in Tokyo who doesn’t speak a word of Japanese, struggles to survive in the bustling metropolis, after her boyfriend cruelly breaks up with her. As a result, disheartened and feeling unfulfilled in her job at a law firm, Abby enters the neighborhood’s ramen shop where she will meet her future teacher: the tyrannical restaurant’s owner and inspired chef, Maezumi. Under those circumstances, Abby will find her calling as a ramen chef, while in the meantime, both teacher and apprentice are lost in translation.


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