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The Wonderful Elephants of Jaipur

Bathing, painting, and feeding elephants, this is what it’s like at Dera Amer home to three of the most kind and loving elephants you’ll ever meet.

Dera Amer3.jpg

Not only are the elephants amazing the food is also amazing, so don’t let the fact that it’s an elephant farm get in your way! There is so much to do at Dera Amer, for example you can bathe an elephant and after you can paint it. 

Dera Amer22.jpg

You may say it is hot out in the sun, but not if you jump in the water with the elephant!  You can even play Elephant Polo which is like lacrosse but better because you’re on elephants.  After you leave you will miss the elephants, but this is a memory you can’t forget.  You can also ride camels.

– Written by Carolina, age 11.


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