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Tips for Travel: How to Have Fun on the Road!

I frequently travel with my family to various destinations worldwide.  My secret to being happy on the road is being prepared and being comfortable; the more at ease you are traveling, the more likely you are to enjoy your time!


In the last decade plane rides have become increasingly more troublesome with restricting regulations and fewer onboard comforts.  I suggest always bringing your own personal amenities kit aboard a plane including socks, a blindfold for sleeping, a spray water bottle, and head phones.  I also always have a travel blanket or a throw with me because I get very cold on planes and now they sometimes don’t provide these basics in coach anymore.  It is best to bring your own. You should also make bring food or making sure to eat before boarding, especially a longer flight; it is very important.

In hotel accommodations I suggest immediately requesting an extra pillow, this is better than asking late at night especially in smaller B&B accommodation.  Also, make sure you have enough blankets to stay warm and comfortable overnight!

In rental houses in quaint and remote towns a portable espresso machine can be a hero for travelers in places that can not offer the perfect cup of coffee.  I suggest Nespresso, a company that makes a convenient and portable machine – great for domestic trips to places like the Adirondacks.

When traveling with children internationally it’s necessary to be prepared with cold medicine, motion sickness lollipops, and electronics.  Bring an Ipad with a Kindle application so that their movies, games, and books are on one device.  For these devices, make sure to purchase extra space with plenty of room for their favorite television shows, books, and movies.

When traveling abroad it’s important to remember that the outlets are different, and hotels usually only provide one adapter per room.  To avoid any problems, and ensure that everyone can charge their electronics (cellphones, laptops, Ipads, etc.), a multiple USB port is necessary. has several options, and a really great one that is shaped like an octopus.


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