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Having traveled every six weeks of her life for over twenty-five years, Cacinda Maloney knows a thing or two when it comes to Luxury travel.

Previously a doctor by profession, Cacinda of Points and Travel has given up her career to follow her passion for experiencing all that the world has to offer. Now, as a Luxury Travel Writer, Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Photographer, Cacinda seeks out some of the world’s most beautiful destinations to add to her never-ending travel list.

Alongside Yampu Tours, Cacinda recently returned from a fantastic trip from Argentina where she experienced the magic of Buenos Aires. After stays in some of the city’s best luxury hotels, dining at some of the cities most delectable restaurants, exploring the arts and cultural center and watching live tango performances, Cacinda compiled a comprehensive guide to exploring the “Paris of South America.”

Visit Points and Travel to see all of Cacinda’s tips and tricks of enjoying Buenos Aires including hotels and places to enjoy the local food. In the meantime, check out her TOP 17 Things to Do in Buenos Aires, below!


TOP 17 Things to Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Guest Blogger, Cacinda Maloney


Recoleta Cemetery

Gravesite of Eva Peron at Recoleta Cemetery – Courtesy of Points and Travel

While it may sound creepy to visit a local cemetery, you must see this cemetery. In fact, it is my number one recommendation in all of Buenos Aires. I loved every moment of visiting this famous and beautiful cemetery. Visiting this enclosed city will show you how the rich and famous were put to rest and how they continue the spirit of doing it even now. Of course, the most popular site in the cemetery is the tomb of First Lady Maria Eva Duarte de Peron.


Recoleta Cultural Center and Church

Recoleta Cultural Center and Church – Courtesy of Points and Travel

While visiting the Recoleta Cemetery, you can also stop by the Franciscan church, Basilica de Nuestra Senora Del Pilar, which is next door and the Recoleta Cultural Center. This cultural center is great for families, singles, and young children to explore art, graffiti expositions, and musical performances.


Microcentro Area

A walk around this artsy part of the city is an essential activity in Buenos Aires. This barrio is where the famous Obelisk is located and the building of the Ministry of Health. A quick stop to visit the huge steel image of Eva Peron located on both the north and south side of the building is a must. Or at least a dive by, where you can see her smiling at the people and then frowning at the government!


Walk along the Puerto Madero River

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Walk along the river and the businesses along Puerto Madero will keep you busy. This newly renovated area is home to many stylish restaurants and the Faena Hotel mentioned above. A brief walk through this hotel will lead you to a bustling restaurant called El Mercado Café to enjoy lunch. The food here is spectacular and the Campari with OJ is a perfect afternoon treat!


Plaza de Mayo

This famous city square is home to the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the current Pope Francis preached as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Aside from this cool fact, it is also where the Pink House (Casa Rosada) of the President is located. Plaza de Mayo is located in the financial district and is a central hub of Buenos Aires.

The Pink House – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Plaza Naciones Unidas

This is a quick stop among the stunning parks and plazas of Buenos Aires. The stunning steel-made sculpture of the Floralis Genérica is located here. The steel petals bring a sense of hope and rebirth to those who visit this flower petal that opens and closes with the sun!

Plaza Naciones Unidas – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Take a Day Trip to El Tigre Delta

This small city is about 20 miles (35 km) from Buenos Aires and a famous weekend destination for locals and tourists. It is possible to take boat tours around the river delta. There is also a naval museum, craft and antique shops and a casino.


Parque Lezama

This is a comforting and welcoming landmark to visit. This beautiful park is perfect for family picnics and close to the San Telmo Market. Visitors of this park can check of the nearby Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity.

Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity near Parque Lezama – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Caminito in La Boca Neighborhood

This little street (walkway) is literally lined with colorful buildings, food stands, artisan shops and is dominated by talented tango dancers. Although it has gotten a bit touristy since my last visit 20 years ago, I can still recommend it for a quick stop and photography of the colorful houses and atmosphere.

Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy of Points and Travel


La Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Visit La Boca Stadium

Since you are already in the La Boca neighborhood visiting Caminito (above), you might as well visit La Boca Stadium where Bombonera, better known as the Boca Juniors are located. Do keep in mind that this area is full of tourist and it also tends to be a pretty shady area, so keep your valuables close and your friends closer! (Just kidding, but it should be fine during the day just don’t wander around at night in this area alone.)

La Boca Stadium – Courtesy of Points and Travel


Jardin Japones

A gorgeous park that celebrates the mix of two amazing cultures, the Argentine and Japanese. The infusion of the two cultures allows for a tranquil walk through the Zen garden.

Jardin Japones – Courtesy of Points and Travel


El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore – Courtesy of Points and Travel

In the year 2000, the inside of a historic and palatial theater built in 1919 was refurbished into a large bookstore. It houses thousands of books, music, and even a café on the stage! It is known as El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore. It is quite spectacular and great use of an old building and its architecture. They even retained its original rounded balconies, frescoed ceilings, the very ornate wooden theater boxes, the plush red curtains on the stage and all the detailed trimmings of the building.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Museo de Bellas Artes

Stunning sculptures, painting, and artifacts from the 19th and 20th century are put on display at this marvelous museum. This museum exhibits gorgeous art pieces from many famous artists in the world.

Museum of Latin American Art

This “upscale” museum features many new and old artists. There are new exhibitions on display each month, including film and out-of-the-box art shows.

Visit Plaza LeValle and the Teatro Colon
LaValle Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy of Points and Travel

Northwest of the Obelisco with three blocks of parks is Plaza Lavalle. It surrounds some amazing buildings such as the Teatro Colon, the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, the neoclassical Escuela Presdiente Roca (an educational facility), and the French-style Palacio de Justicia where the supreme court is located. Like most important cities in the world of music, the Teatro Colon is an opera house that has housed famous operas and ballets since 1857. You can take in a show or ask for a guided tour of this seven-story building.

Teatro Colon – Courtesy of Points and Travel
Take in a Tango Show or Two
Tango Porteno – Courtesy of Points and Travel

If you didn’t already know, the tango dance was originally choreographed in local brothels in and around Argentina and Uruguay. It is known as the traditional dance of both countries. Along with tango, they also introduce you to the dance and song known as Malonga. You can enjoy a dinner and the show at Tango Porteno, the El Viejo Almacen, and even El Querandi. All are known to be great tourist destinations for the Tango and Malonga.


Go Shopping on Calle Florida (Street)

Calle Flordia, also known as Florida Street, is the best spot for your shopping excursion and is car free for pedestrians since 1971. You can admire the local street art, as well as retail stores, restaurants, statues, and a shopping mall. In the evening there are street performers, tango singer and dancers, and even comedy acts. It became a popular shopping street due to its proximity to the Financial District.


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