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Travel Show Season 2013 Coming to a Close…


 We hit the big apple for the NY Times Travel Show. We then gave into that loud London calling at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show. Last, we braved and conquered the Storm of 2013 in bean-town at the Boston Globe Travel Show. With that, the countdown begins for our big finale… the LA Times in sunny Los Angeles! The warm and non-threatening weather may be a nice change for the weekend. Yampu Tours will be at Booth #939 at the LA Times Travel Show in the LA Convention Center. With great promotions for our different destinations, we look forward to finishing this crazy season by helping our west-coasters design their dream tours!

To review some of the highlights so far…












It appears that some did miss us while we were gone. They tried their best to fit into our ocean shipments, but alas, couldn’t quite finagle their way in.










 In London, Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show presented by the Times, the exhibit glowed at night at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Center. Monica Irauzqui, our Vice President, also captivated an audience with a speech on Costa Rica: Adventure and Luxury Travel, on Saturday, February 2nd. It was a full theatre!








Unfortunately a portion of the Boston Globe Travel Show was canceled due to street ban from the storm, but it was exciting to see the chaotic winds fly push the 6 feet of snow around South Boston!






We’re expecting a great turnout at the LA Times Travel Show. We already have around 40 repeat/current clients that have tickets to come see us in action! The show will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, February 23rd to 24th. If you would like to attend, email Caitlin, at, for complimentary tickets! We look forward to seeing you all there!


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