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There are many reasons to travel with Yampu Tours. Seasoned trip coordinators, fresh ways to experience over 40 destinations, and quality you can see in expertly planned itineraries. Sometimes however, even the most perfectly planned trip can go awry. Weather cancels your flight forcing you to miss your first days of vacation. A roadblock strike drops you off at a deserted train station at night. A case of altitude sickness leaves you breathless (literally) in the middle of an unfamiliar city. Lost passport means days at local embassies.

Things happen. And all of these scenarios will stop your trip in its track, and then make the rest of the days tumble like dominoes into each other, cancelling hotel nights, missing flight connections, and losing precious moments at your must see sites. This is where your trip is ruined if you decided to arrange it on your own. But not with Yampu Tours. When “things happen,” the Yampu team takes off the trip coordinator hat, and throws on the superhero cape. We are available 24/7, and the moment you need us, we step in to help. That cancelled flight is already re-booked for the next day, and your tours shifted accordingly. That roadblock strike stopping all trains? We knew about it before you even got on the train, and booked you a private car instead. Altitude sickness? Our drivers always carry oxygen tanks in all vehicles, and our trusted local doctors will come right to your hotel room when you need them. Lost passport? We will arrange a car and translator to help you speed up the process while rearranging your tours to avoid missing any fun planned.

We want your trip to be perfect. But rest assured that when things do not cooperate, Yampu Team is there.

– Karolina Guilcapi, Yampu Tours GSM


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