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Who better to be your guide… than a GUIDE!

Why it’s worth bringing along the expertise of a local guide


When you’ve taken the plunge, and you’re finally heading to that dream destination, there’s always some personal significance behind it. You’re finally heading to the great Incan Ruins of Machu Picchu, after having read about them since you were a kid. Maybe you’re finally letting your science nerd out, and you’re letting them explore the majestic land of the finches in the Galapagos.   Are you an animal lover? Well then you must be heading to that Tanzanian lodge where you’ll finally spot some of those larger mammals you’ve only seen pictures of. Our travels are a reflection of our own interests and desires, letting us truly enjoy our passions. So why wouldn’t you put everything you have into such an adventure?  In this internet savvy day and age, it’s easy to plan your own trip, create your own itinerary, and do your own research. With that, we even find ourselves believing that we can also self-guide through such an adventure. It’s at this point, where we need to take a step back. When taking a trip of a lifetime, you’re often traveling to a land unknown. You’re traveling to an area where you are not the expert. So why act like one? Let go of that ego, and take advantage of the many fantastic and knowledgeable local guides during your vacation.

                Yampu Tours understands how important it is to bring their clients on exhilarating excursions, but also knows that some excursions require the enthusiasm and knowledge of a great local guide. Yampu has traveled to their various destinations to not only inspect their preferred properties, but have personally met and experienced the charisma of their loyal guides. With that, they understand the real value of a guide.



Rocks vs. Ruins

                You’ve never argued the power of knowledge. It has the ability to transform an old wooden spoon into an ancient relic, or a pile of rocks into historical ruins! The right guide is necessary when embarking on an excursion through a historical site. Not only will you be able to better understand what you’re looking at, but the ruins come alive. When traveling through the ruins of Mỹ Sơn in Central Vietnam without a guide, you’ll find yourself looking at beautiful ruins, unsure of what occurred in each. With a guide, you’ll step into a historical landmark, sensing the religious past as you take a deep breathe in the hall that was built to honor the god Shiva under the form of the Linga. If you’ve just come from Ambergris Caye in Belize, and are now exploring the Mayan Ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, you may know that Tikal is known for being the largest city of the Mayan Classic Period. However, with a guide, you’ll get an in depth tour and description of the many temples, and find that you’re following and understand the routine of such a religious community. Following the expertise of a trained and knowledgeable guide will bring your excursion to a new level of experience!


Trees vs. Habitat

                You’re off the plane, and all you can think about is, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Those large mammals you’ve been dying to see in the wild since your first trip to the zoo are that much closer. Unfortunately, it is at this point where you start to think about the where, when, and how do I go about this without it being dangerous. Experts, enter! Having a professional guide while touring an African game reserve or the Amazon jungle provides many different beneficial factors. First, and most importantly, safety! Having a guide who is familiar and comfortable with your surroundings, and knows how to handle various situations when encroaching on another species habitat, you’ll find yourself feeling less on edge, and more excited! Secondly, the hunt! Visiting animals in the wild differs from the Zoo, mainly because there isn’t a map of the park to show you where the animals will be. With an expert safari guide, you are much more likely to actually see those lionesses bathing themselves in the midday sun, or finding those howler monkeys playing in the trees of the rainforests. Guides will know where to go, and where to look to see all the natural habitat has to offer.


Reading vs. Learning

                It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that having someone teach you something is often a more productive way of learning than trying to teach yourself. Naturally, this also goes for understanding the significance of what you’re seeing when traveling! When touring through the city center of Buenos Aires or Johannesburg, and wondering what that fantastic and ornate building is that’s towering over you, having a guide will get you the answer right then and there. Without a guide, you’ll find yourself struggling to find the right section and page, and then quickly reading in your guidebook to learn what exactly you’re seeing before you pass it by! Having a guide will give you the luxury of having a conversation on the various aspects you’re dying to learn about, and with plenty of ease.


                In this day and age, it’s easy to try and cut out the middle man when guiding yourself through an adventure. The expense, the pre-planning, and the additional step in your itinerary can potentially deter you from spending that extra on a guide. Regardless of where you’re traveling, it’s worth the effort! Don’t deprive yourself of truly experiencing the fantastic sites you’ll be traveling to. Let yourself melt into the history behind the ruins, the landscapes, and the cities of your destination. Let your trip of a lifetime be everything you’re looking for, and don’t underestimate the value of a guide! 


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