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Yampu Tours Featured in Beau Monde Traveler Magazine


Beau Monde Traveler is where today’s affluent traveler goes to learn, explore, and plan their next lavish vacation experience within a media platform that shares information through original content.   Beau Monde is the platform where the next destination, hotel and haute experience is explored by the discerning traveler in search of inspiration from esteemed experts in the industry.


Featuring Yampu Traveler, Carmen Edelson of Carmen’s Luxury Travel Blog, the ‘Vanguard of Luxury Travel’ delved into the exciting travel experiences of Carmen during her many worldly voyages including her most recent trip to Peru alongside Yampu Tours.


“Carmen herself had many such enriching experiences with Yampu Tours, as she enthusiastically recounts the many small towns outside of Cusco that welcomed her into the community. Here, she was taught about how the local women shave the sheep, dye the wool with certain plants, before boiling and hanging it to dry and then weaving it into blankets and sweaters. This is their source of income and according to Carmen, it is this concentration on cultural, off the beaten path and bespoke experiences that lets travellers return to their homes enriched, having been fully emerged in a new way of life. Luxury travel with the intention of learning about communities is taking travel as a form of escapism to the next level!”


Discussing her explorations with Yampu Further, Beau Monde Traveler and Carmen explain the benefits of using a reliant Tour Operator and the advantages of the investment while booking travel.


“One such passion project is bringing awareness to Yampu Tours. Her aim is to highlight how they offer profound experiences that leave travellers with a newfound knowledge and appreciation of Peru and its natives’ vibrant character and lifestyle. Here, being immersed in natural environs and authentic interactions is unavoidable, as Yampu Tours take travellers on journeys through Peru’s delectable cuisines, varied landscape and distinct and archaic cultures. From introducing their guests to resident artisans and craftsmen, sharing with them meals cooked in traditional styles, and exploring architectural intricacies of its most famous sites, are a few ways Carmen believes Yampu Tours allows travellers to actually live and breathe, rather than just see, Peru.”


Carmen and Beau Monde Traveler go into detail about how important travel is to Carmen and why making that local connection is so valuable, even during the time of COVID.


“Even during the Covid pandemic, Carmen is paving the way for this new definition of luxury travel, by supporting and encouraging others to acknowledge that, if they have the means to do so, they should be supporting their local businesses…. responsible travel should include bespoke and enriching cultural experiences and the intention of helping communities across the globe.”


You can read more about Carmen’s experiences as a luxury travel expert by clicking here.


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