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Featured Yampu Client Review

Yampu Tours would not be what it is today without the support of our adventurous and loyal travelers. We strive to design trips around the special interests of our patrons, allowing them to assist us in our product! However, sometimes our clients go above and beyond to help us spread the word and promote our business (even to future clients)! The following is a great letter that one of our repeat clients sent to a prospective traveler. We couldn’t be more pleased!

“In a nut shell I would go anywhere with Yampu in a heartbeat. We used them for Peru in 2005; Ecuador, Peru and Chile in 2011 and Vietnam and Cambodia in 2013. They were flawless in all cases. Never missed an airport pick up or a connection, the hotels and meals were fabulous, we were upgraded (by them) wherever possible and they seemed to be one step ahead of us everywhere we went.

They send their own people to a destination before they offer it so they know the hotels and select the guides to meet their standards. Our guides in Vietnam were wonderful – they spoke English very well (their accents were a bit of a challenge at times) and were very knowledgeable on all the tours. Yampu seems to book tours independently so we were the only ones in the group on many occasions – a fantastic bonus for us.

I use Yampu for all the reasons above but also because they will work with you on any tour you select. We always take one of their tours then customize it to suit our desires. My wife and I, although in our early sixties, enjoy hiking and that is the main reason we selected Vietnam. The Sapa region in North Vietnam is well known for trekking and it is awesome.

We were going to go to China but Vietnam was about half the price. Vietnam is an amazing country – no two areas are the same. Jose (Yampu president) suggested we add a 3 day visit to Siem Reap in Cambodia and see Ankor Wat – yes it is a must see – we have travelled worldwide for  close to fifty years now and I’ve never seen anything like it. I have attached a photo for you. The other temples in Siem Reap are equally spellbinding.

I’m pleased beyond words with Yampu. Their people are top notch and we have never had anything close to a problem with them. I refer to them as a Specialty Tour/Travel Company because I think Travel Agent does not do them justice. They are without doubt the best people we have ever used.

Our trips with them were so good that I have written books about our trips. Check them out on my website.


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