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Yampu Local Guide Spotlight: Justino – Peru

Peru_2014_Monica_iphone-39.jpgMonica Irauzqui, Co-Owner and Vice President of Yampu Tours took some time to chat with one of the Yampu local guides on her recent trip through Peru. Justino brings a decade of guiding experience to Yampu, and what’s most important, a true passion for his country.



What is your favorite place in Peru to show clients?

Cuzco and the Sacred Valley are my favorite because those places have something for everyone. You can experience adventure trekking, rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, “glamping”, wonderful cultural tours, ruins, museums, really the list could go on forever. Also, full disclosure, I’m from the Cuzco and Sacred Valley area, so I’m a little biased, but I stand behind the answer.

Pisac Ruins in the Sacred Valley, Peru WEB.jpg

What are some things you do during a tour that would stand out for a Yampu client?Peru_2014_Monica_iphone-34.jpg

We always listed to the reports we get from the main office, so we’re able to adjust tours from years of feedback and experience. I also love surprising people with things like producing a cake pudding during a hike at 13,000 feet in the middle of a trek. There may be a few more surprises, but if I answered you, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the next adventurer!



Peru_2014_Monica_iphone-37.jpgTell us about some of the social projects you’re involved in.

Through my 10 years of experience in guiding clients, I’ve found that the best way to really show the exciting culture of Peru is to immerse them with the locals. When I see locals interacting and laughing with clients I know they’re truly getting a taste of what Peru is. Watching international children learn about Peruvian traditions and culture is something that satisfies me personally, not just professionally.


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