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Best Places to Explore on Bicycle


Most major cities have great options for exploring by bicycle. It’s a great way to get around quickly without skipping the up-close perspective you get by exploring on foot. Skip the traffic and see the world around you up close on the back of a great bike! Here’s our top picks for places to tour by bicycle.


Peru is a beautiful country with an impressive variance in landscape. In the beautiful Sacred Valley, bicycle through rolling hills with mountain views, meeting local people from the Misminay community as you make your way past snow-capped mountains to the visually stunning Moray salt mines. Take a break to learn traditional weaving practices. The mines, which still operate today, have been running since Inca times and are a great place to meet locals and pick up souvenirs for the cooks in your life. Also in Moray, see the ancient Inca agricultural laboratory, a fascinating structure that features circular levels of soil for studying plant growth and adaptation.

In Lima, bicycles are a great way to cover much ground between must-see city districts. Taste delicious culinary delights in this increasingly famous food city and work off the calories between food-stops or look out at the coastline as fearless para-sailors travel across the Peruvian sky. For a sample itinerary that incorporates bicycle exploration, see here.


Once known as the “Kingdom of Bicycles,” China is an ideal place to use bikes to get around. The vehicles are revered as self-sufficient modes of transportation, and even as a luxury item for their ability to surpass busy traffic and complicated public transit routes. Although it is no longer relied upon as a primary means of getting around, China still offers an impressive selection of bike paths and routes. Adventurers can pedal from town to town, meeting locals as you venture to different neighborhoods or sections of the Great Wall. Stop for breaks in beautiful, nurtured gardens and look upon rivers as you ride parallel. Gain easy access to monuments and delicious lunch stops with this ultra-accessible way of getting around! See a great sample itinerary here.


Southeast Asia is a great region for adventure activities to begin with, especially considering it was home to a James Bond film set! Rugged cliffs, blue waters, caves and caverns, jungle and much more invite you to take on the unexpected. When you’re done getting your adrenaline pumping, great food, beaches and leisurely bike rides await you. Cycle along lush rice paddies and enjoy a relaxing ride from Hanoi to Dong Tam where you can luxuriate in delicious local cuisine with a family in town. Cycling has never been so peaceful! Check out a sample itinerary here.


This charming island can be explored in less time than many other countries in Asia. It fuses the modern with the traditional for a fascinating perspective on local culture and history. Outside of its bustling metropolitan areas, Taiwan offers quaint and beautiful countryside. Explore city landmarks and marvel at its impressive architecture, such as its bamboo-shaped building and then venture out for a breath of fresh air. After pedaling to your heart’s desire, melt away any tension or tiredness in natural hot springs. See a great Taiwan cycling itinerary here.

Easter Island

Easter Island is a beautiful Polynesian oasis with a fascinating a mysterious history shrouded in its moai statues and folklore. The whole island spans about 14 miles, making it an easy place to explore by bike. Many aim to tour the whole island by bike in one day and can stop to see the highlights along the way in plenty of time. Whatever pace you wish to go, Easter Island makes for an extraordinarily scenic place to cycle. Watch waves lap against the shore as the sun sets behind the silhouettes of the moai heads and drink in the beauty and enigma of this Chilean territory. See a sample itinerary for Easter Island here.

Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Paradise for nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies alike, Patagonia boasts some of the world’s most amazing outdoor adventure opportunities of any region. Hiking, kayaking, rafting, biking, nature-watching and glacier trekking alike, this is a pristine location to get outside and get active. Do it all or focus on your favorite activities, but do keep in mind there are many trails and areas that can be admired by bicycle! The best part is ending an adventurous day with a glass of world-class wine. Check out a sample itinerary here.


Full of vibrancy, this colorful and vivacious country gives visitors pristine beaches, great dancing and parties, Amazon jungle life, one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls, metropolitan highlights, and plenty of adventurous activities. Bike along the beautiful coastline and enjoy the best this country has to offer! Check out a sample itinerary here.


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