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With the demand for domestic travel growing over the last year, Yampu Tours has begun offering unique, custom trips throughout the United States with private adventures within the beauty of the country’s stunning National Parks. From the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, the options are endless!

Yampu Travelers Jackie and Ray recently spent some time themselves soaking in the beauty of the Islands of Hawaii with The Perfect Hawaii Trip thanks to the assistance of Yampu Travel Expert Jose.

The duo had an adventure-filled itinerary from exploring the active Hilo Volcano on the “Big Island” to swimming with manta rays off the Kona Island coast!

See what the two had to say about their voyage below.


“We had the trip of a lifetime!  Both Eric and Breck were excellent guides, each very different, but made sure that we shared their joy of Hawaii in an adventurous and educational way.

When I look back, I think that we probably did spend one day too many on the Big Island (I know that was something we insisted upon changing) and should have added a day to both Kauai and Maui. They are both such beautiful islands with so much to explore… not that our days weren’t filled; we definitely made the most of every moment!


I was sorry that we were not able to see the Luau, but that couldn’t be avoided due to Covid…and that the weather did not cooperate for our star gazing night, but we had so many other good adventures – swimming with the manta rays is something that neither Ray nor I will EVER forget!!

Every aspect of the trip was planned flawlessly, and both Ray and I thank you for the time and effort you put into making our trip such a success…

We certainly have a lot of images and memories which we have been sharing with friends and family.

We look forward to planning our next trip with you!”


Thank you for the nice review, Jackie. We cannot wait to help plan your next adventure!


Ready to plan the perfect Hawaii trip? Or maybe an international voyage is in store… Get in touch with one of our travel experts to start planning!


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